Build Multi-language apps using the Multilingual App Toolkit

Play Build Multi-language apps using the Multilingual App Toolkit
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In Windows 8 we wanted to make it really easy for you to reach more markets by providing tools to help you localize your Windows apps. This cool, set of tools is a free download that integrates into Visual Studio 2012, including the Express for Windows 8 edition.

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The Discussion

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    Toolkit looks nice but would benefit from additional 'getting started' videos (like the one above) for xaml oriented devs?

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    @Ian2: Thanks for the feedback! We're working on some additional videos now.

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    Will be glad to see similar video using VB as sample.  Anyway, is good staff.

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    good attempt but compared to what was there in the class Windows development in e.g. VS 2010 this is a massive step back and big Change.

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    Martijn van Halen

    Very good stuff. Added 3 languages with automatic translation(pretty good as well) in less than 10 minutes. great work.

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    ali alshmrine

    hhhhhhhhhhhelp my ples complet try nawo sped newo.....thank for thes woork ......@

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    A new version of the Multilingual App Toolkit has been released.  The version is v1.1.1075.0 as displayed in the VS IDE Extensions and Updates dialog.

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    Is there a C# sample file using the Toolkit. I have tried to use it in a C# project but can not get it to work. All the video tutorials I have seen are using JavaScript.

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