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In this video we'll cover how to take your Line of Business (LOB) apps and deploy them with your Enterprise. We'll talk through your options that you have for getting your app directly to your users. And the implication of those options to both you as the developer, the IT administrator in the Enterprise, and your users.

For more information on deploying your apps, please see the following reference links:

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The Discussion

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    What I'm really interested in knowing more about is the story for individual or hobby developers.  For example, if I write an app for the interface formerly known as "Metro" for my own personal use how would I deploy it to a WinRT device that I own?

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    @k4gdw once you get a windows 8 developer license you can deploy your application to your devices from visual studio (even express versions)

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    @Basarat:OK, Will that work like it does with WP7?  I wrote a simple random password generator that also generates pronounceable pass-phrases.  I dogfood it myself to make sure it's usable for a  while and might eventually put it up on the store after I get it to pass certification.  What bugs me is that it WP7 periodically decides to revoke it's status meaning I have to re-deploy.  Will Win8 and WinPhone8 behave the same way?  

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    The link of "Creating Enterprise Line of Business Apps for Windows 8" doesn't work... :-(

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