Graphic Improvements in Windows 8

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    I don't want to sound like a 'Debbie downer' but I thought you were going to talk about Windows 8 graphics - you know, the desktop? or have people at Microsoft basically come to the conclusion that those of us who need the desktop are no longer worth catering for?

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    Have to agreewith KawaiiGardiner. Why no updates for Desktop devs?  When will we be able to safely and speedily mix D2D and WPF graphics on the desktop?

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    @KawaiiGardiner and @schroedl: Apologies I didn't touch on the desktop point more (thanks for the feedback Smiley ). We absolutely care about the desktop as well. All of the new DirectX11.1 features (eg; better graphics stack integration) are available for Windows 8's desktop interface and some features are even available for Windows 7. You can, for instance, easily use Direct2D and Direct3D together in the same app.

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