Introducing Windows 8

Introduction to the Multilingual App Toolkit

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    The Discussion

    • philjay

      looks a little crazy... from what I've seen in this video I think I prefer resx...

    • micdousmi

      Can this solution create translation on the fly in the app from news feeds?

    • tarkus

      I wish it could work with ASP.NET MVC applications out of the box.

    • craigsn

      I see it is for Win8 apps. But does it work for other stuff, like Silverlight 5 apps as well?

    • Kevin Daly

      Does this only work with the Express versions of VS2012? I installed it but it didn't add the "Enable Multilingual App Toolkit" option to my Tools menu (sorry, TOOLS).
      I'm running Visual Studio Premium 2012

    • SomeRandom​Dude

      I'm building a Win8 app right now that should support many languages and i was wondering why there isn't such an easy way to do it! So this is cool!!! thanks!

      ...Though i haven't installed this toolkit yet because i have a question.

      I understand that this will translate the app according to the language settings of the computer its running on. But say i want to provide and option in the settings of my app that will allow the users to translate to the language of their choice (allow the user to select a language from a list of languages in the settings), can this toolkit translate the whole app too?

      In other words, does the system have to have the language installed (and/or chosen) in order to run the app in that specific language? Or can i call some function that will choose the language for my app only and not the system.

      Hope to get an answer....

    • philjay

      @SomeRandomDude: Normally you can just set CurrentCulture.

    • jannelson

      @micdousmi:No, this is not an on-the-fly translation service, its purpose is to provide for multilingual project management in the VS IDE for Windows 8 apps.

    • jannelson

      @craigsn: HI Craig, this release focuses on Windows 8 apps only.

    • jannelson

      @Kevin Daly: Hi Kevin, the Multilingual App Toolkit will work with any version of Visual Studio 2012.  Can you tell me a bit more about your environment?

      Kevin, the toolkit needs a workaround for this Release Preview version that will be fixed in our next update.  There are directions for the workaround here:


    • Gammern

      Installed it twice. sill no "Enable Multilanguage Toolkit". Maybee the target audience is dogs. Woff Woff! I'm a Wpf developer, not a dog, so I guess I will have to do with res files. Scheisse, I really wanted to do that woff-woff-Wpf Windoze pre 8 german non-Metro(c) translation similar to das video. MS, who is barking up the wrong tree now!

    • jannelson

      @Gammern:  Thanks for the feedback on your interest in creation of multilingual WPF apps.  The toolkit is targeted at The Windows Store apps.  We have support for WPF here:

    • jannelson

      There is a second video on this toolset that take a look at setting up a project, please take a few minutes to watch it:

    • Marco

      I have vs2012 premium and same problem of Kavin daly...

    • jannelson

      Marco, we released the Multilingual App Toolkit v1 today:

      Please download it and you should this issue resolved.

    • Lina Manjarres

      does windows store support multilingual app toolkit?

    • CameronLerum

      @Lina Manjarres: The Toolkit's addition of languages conforms to the Windows Store requirements.  Please refer to the Store's validation requirements for additional information on submitting apps.

    • Hansjoerg

      The not issue can not enable is still not resolved. Downloaded it today, installed it (twice, both the German and the English version) - can not enable it in Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8 :-(

    • CameronLerum

      @Hansjoerg:Please check to see if the Multilingual App Toolkit is listed in the TOOLS->Extensions and Updates list.  The RTW version is 1.0.1114.0. 

      Please note that the project, not the solution needs to be selected before the TOOLS menu will display the "Enable Multilingual App Toolkit" option.

      If you continue to experience an issue enabling your Windows Store project, please post in the MSDN's "Tools for Windows Store" forum (  This forum provides better threading as we work on resolving the issue.

    • Andrew Taylor

      Seems like it could be a great tool, but it won't get past the build error:

      Unknown option specified - 'App_Multilingual.prilog.xml'

      After a little testing, I found this was because my Project was named "First App", when renamed to "FirstApp" it works fine. Might want to address that little bug.

    • CameronLerum

      @Andrew Taylor: Thank you for letting us know about this issue.  A workaround is to open the project file and place quotes around the $(MakePriLog) parameter on the <AppxGenerateProjectPriFileAdditionalMakepriExeParameters> Line. 

      For example:
      <AppxGenerateProjectPriFileAdditionalMakepriExeParameters>/IndexLog "$(MakePriLog)"</AppxGenerateProjectPriFileAdditionalMakepriExeParameters>

    • Marco

      Now go in VS premium but there is a warning :

      Warning 1 Could not find file 'D:\WORKSTORAGE\PROGETTI\PerCiGal.Metro\PerCiGal.Metro.App\MultilingualResources\xliff-core-1.2-transitional.xsd'. D:\WORKSTORAGE\PROGETTI\PerCiGal.Metro\PerCiGal.Metro.App\MultilingualResources\Italian.xlf 2 180 PerCiGal.Metro.App

    • CameronLerum

      @Marco: This warning can be ignored.  It is displayed as a warning only in the Error List panel if a XLF file is open in the VS IDE XML editor during a build.  If you close the XLF file before building, you should not see this warning in the future.

    • CameronLerum

      A new version of the Multilingual App Toolkit has been released.  The version is v1.1.1075.0 as displayed in the VS IDE Extensions and Updates dialog.

    • Tutorle

      We use AppLocalizer utility for localization:

      It's in BETA stage now but it's free. Supports all kind of projects (WinForms, WebForms, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and Win RT).

      The latest update allows to auto-generate x:Uid attributes in XAML files for Windows 8 projects.

    • Syed Nisar Bukhari

      Can we use this toolkit with VS 2010...

    • do9man

      It's a nice start, but I have some suggestions to make it even easier:

      1. Automatically create a multilanguage version from a normal app.
      2. Provide a tool to edit or at least export to .resjson

      Regarding 1:

      in a HTML file you have:

      <p>Hello World</p>

      The tool should:

      1. collect all strings
      2. create a "en-US" folder (or other default language), put in the resources.resjson like so:
          "string1" : "Hello World",
          "_string1.source" : "Hello World",       // optional?
          "_string1.comment" : "commentstring1"
      3. manipulate the HTML to this (optional, some do it in JS):
        <p data-win-res="{textContent: 'string1'}">Hello World</p>


      This would be a great tool!

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