Introduction to ASP.NET MVC: (01) Basics of MVC and the Moving Parts

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Explore the major moving parts of MVC, how to create an initial project, and the differences between MVC and ASP.NET.

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The Discussion

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    I've bought and read<Professional ASP.NET MVC 4>,and learned the previous version of this course.

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    thanks, good content, great conversation!

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    Just minor correction, MVC is not specific to a platform or a language, it's an architectural pattern so you can certainly achieve this in PHP with or without a framework, much like you can do that in WebForms and in fact, in most cases the right way to start with WebForms applications is applying the MVP architectural pattern which most professionals are applying to create this separation of concerns, it's a best practice that people were applying for years either through a framework or without in WinForms, however, it adds yet another layer on top of WebForms that is already complex to achieve state and event-driven programming so the nice thing with ASP.NET MVC is that it removes these layers and integrate itself as close as possible to the ASP.NET pipelines so it's much faster, configurable and extensible.

    Other than that great series for newcomers.


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