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Series Introduction - 01

11 minutes, 20 seconds


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In this introductory video, Bob sets some high-level goals and explains how JavaScript is used in web development as well as how to get the most out of this video series.

Download the entire series source code.



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  • HarishHarish

    Bob you are back with the great series. You are my favourite.
    I am really feeling bad for my internet connection because it cannot play your previous high definition videos abt VB and HTML but I can access this. If possible, please try to upload your previous videos series's with medium level quality so that everyone can watch them without any problems with out downloading each everytime.

  • @Harish: I'm sorry you're having problems ... the Channel 9 team publishes the videos -- I just supply the original then they run it through a blender to transcode for all kinds of different purposes.  If you're having problems with some videos and not others, they would be interested in learning more about why that is in order to improve the quality of the site.  Look for the Feedback link in the footer of this site and submit this comment w/ more details about what *is* and *is not* working for you.  BTW, thank you for the kind words.  Best wishes and I hope you can get this sorted out!  Smiley

  • HarishHarish

    Thanks for the suggestion Bob!
    But due to the high definition videos which occupies large memory size during buffering,the videos are being stuck while watching. It is taking around 1 hr to watch 20 mins video due to buffering all the time.

  • @Harish: Have you tried just downloading the file to your local hard drive and viewing from there? There are download links to the right of each video.

  • HarishHarish

    Yes Thanks Bob, I have did that. But I have a couple of questions.

    1. Can I download entire series at a time, other than downloading each file individually?

    2. Can v expect a ASP.net series for absolute beginners from you as the trainer in the coming days?

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @HarishMadBobTabor: fixed it

  • @Harish: 1. I don't think Channel 9 provides that functionality.  2. Not in the plans just yet ... but as always, if the good folks at Channel 9 hear a request enough, they do their best to make you Niners happy.  So, submit that sort of feedback below ... see the Feedback link in the footer of each page.  Glad you enjoy the series!

  • WoW, channel 9 rocks again, thank you Bob, Clint and Golnaz

    You are the best.

  • Sandeep Reddysandeep_red​dy92 There is this 'thing' called blogging and I just fell in love with it.

    Woah!!! HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    You sir, have made my day! Thank you. I am gonna blog about this tonight.

    BTW, I loved your Beginning Windows Phone Development series. Keep up the good work.

  • Ivan YosifovIvan Yosifov

    Hello Mr. Tabor
    I really like your videos on C# and JavaScript. I just want to ask you is it possible to make a video series about Unity. It uses C# and JavaScript and I think you a the perfect man for the job.
    Thank you

  • ashishashish

    this video is not running

  • ChrisKChrisK

    Thanks Bob I have been a lifetime member for quite some time (almost a lifetime) now and love that you have brought out these series any chance we will see them in wwwLVSdotNet?

    Feel a bit cheeky asking as I have definetly got my money's worth from my membership over the years.

  • @Ivan Yosifov:  Are you talking about Unity, the Enterprise Application Block from Microsoft's patterns & practices group, or Unity the video game engine?  Well, either way, it's not in our immediate plans.  Sorry!  Thanks for the nice words, and best wishes to you!

    @ChrisK: Hi Chris, I'll be revisiting things now that VS 2012 has been released.  Stay tuned ...

  • I have a suggestion. I own a Roku box that streams video like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. Roku allows organizations or people to apply with them to make an app that will stream videos.  

    It would really be nice to be able to view these videos on my TV using an app on the Roku box. There are many other tech podcast sites available through the Roku box, but I have not found any with links to Microsoft Channel 9, or any other Microsoft sight.

    Could Microsoft Channel 9, since it is proprietary information, make an app that would allow us to watch their videos and use the site through a streaming device like the Roku?  PLEASE! 

    Are these videos available on YouTube?  

  • Yes! Can you develop a series on ASP.NET???????


  • Found the Javascript series on YouTube using this search: microsoft bob tabor javascript

  • @stargazer48506: Very cool ... make sure you send Microsoft that feedback directly ... the best way to do it is in the Feedback in the footer bar of every Channel 9 page (below).  That will target the right people who are in charge of distributing the video content.  Hope that helps!

  • laranzlaranz Live for her Smile :)

    Which is right? Javascript or JavaScript?

    Meanwhile thanks for the wonderful series, Expecting the same for ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC, keep up the good work guys, BOB you are awesome Smiley

  • @laranz: I'm looking on my bookshelf where I have a half-dozen books . . . each of them have it capitalized:  JavaScript  . . . I'm sure I didn't pay close attention to that, so if you caught me, you get a star on your refrigerator.  Tongue Out  Thanks for the kind words!  I don't think we have any ASP stuff lined up for the Fundamentals series yet, BUT ... (1) I do at my own website, and (2) if you beg Channel9 for it, I'm sure they'll find a way to make it happen.  See the Feedback link in the footer of this web page to request what you want from them ... they monitor those comments moreso than these comments.  Best wishes!

  • MartinMartin

    Nice series! But why on earth are you not using a code editor??

  • @Martin: It's been a while since I recorded this, but I'm pretty sure I said in the video what the rationale was.  The Channel 9 team who hired me to create these lessons wanted to keep the lowest possible barrier to entry so beginners didn't have to go off, download and install software, then come back and get started.  There are **so many** options for which editor to use (I guarantee I use a different code editor than anyone else) so picking one -- even one of the Microsoft offerings -- would have been challenging and may have alienated someone.  This way, you are free to use whichever editor you like and follow along, or, just use Notepad.  Smiley

  • Pg77Pg77 The eternal ​newbie/novi​ce

    Thank you again Bob. This series is what I have been looking for!

  • BOB, are these javascript videos are no longer available? because it looks like these video are taken down. I can't view them.


  • @dinhphuong: No, it must be your internet connection.  They work fine ... on both Windows 8 and Mac Mountain Lion.  Please try again ... perhaps there was a temporary burb on Channel 9's side?  Good luck!

  • Phuong DinhPhuong Dinh

    Thank You for the reply BOB. I'm able to watch the visual basic series, but the javascript, html5, css series, I'm having problem viewing. When I Hit play, a black screen display.

  • @Phuong Dinh: Did you try downloading it to your local computer and viewing it from there? Both WMV and MP4?

  • Hey Bob I just finished watching this introductory video for the series and I was wondering if you would recommend the series for a person who would be using JavaScript for game development purposes in engine (Unity 3D to be exact)?  I am sure it will be beneficial in some aspects but just seeing if maybe you have suggestions for tutorial series that is better geared towards a game programming discipline.  Thanks! 

  • Phuong DinhPhuong Dinh

    Thanks BOB!

  • Chen XiaotianChen Xiaotian

    Dear Bob, there are so many people love you in China. :)
    And need English subtitle so much~~~~~

  • KenKen

    BOB!!! great job on all the video series. I'm currently in school going for a CCL and your videos are a great help. I read my books then hit your videos then it all seems so clear. Are there going to be any mid to advance level video? the window phone series....love the fact that you gave homework, they were a good test for me....keep up the good work

  • Pat SplinterPat Splinter

    Great series Bob! This was my first Channel9 series and it was a great introduction to JS. After watching I was able to made a web based chess board and move around the pieces (my standard task when learning new stuff). I plan to dig into patterns and good parts. Another friend recommended "Eloquent JavaScript" by Haverbeke which I'm finding a good starting point.

    Thanks again for a great series. I love Channel 9 :)

  • RonRon

    What a great series and a fabulous presentation by Bob!

  • YahiaYahia

    Thanks man really great and appreciated work

  • Penchal naiduPenchal naidu

    What a great idea to get started with Java script!!!

    Thank U BOB.

  • sano Nkubasano Nkuba

    Hello Bob, I have no previous knowledge in any programming language whatsoever, in fact, my computer knowledge is really basic but, recently I started developing a kin interesting in programming and learning a programming language. After watching this introductory video, I am still not sure or confident that I could actually learn a programming language like Javascript.

    I am wondering whether you think a person with as little computer and programming knowledge as myself can start from nothing and learning and develop into a knowledgeable Javascript programmer or whether it isn't just a fool's errand.

    I would appreciate your honest advice on this and if you think I can, on what might possibly be the best way to start.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

  • @sano Nkuba: Hi Sano, "A wise man knows his limitations".  Only you know where your natural interests and abilities lie.  Having said that, no one is born a natural software developer ... no one has a natural passion for this work.  It is a matter of the amount of time and mental energy you are willing to commit to attaining mastery.  Not everyone has the time, not everyone wants to invest the time they do have.  So, that's really a question for you.  Is it *possible* to go from zero to competent in a short amount of time?  Yes.  There are varying jobs and levels of expertise required in this industry and, most importantly, everyone is always learning (or they are expiring).  You can leapfrog over those who have allowed other interested to get in the way of expanding their skills, but you need to be committed, regimented and hungry.  JavaScript is not simple, even though you can get started  in Notepad and Internet Explorer.  These videos should help you gauge the language for yourself, but to really get a feel for it, you should try to build a simple website and include some simple JavaScript for yourself.  That's the only way you can get a feel for why the topics I talk about are important -- where they apply.  I may recommend the C# Fundamentals course as well ... personally, *this is my 2 cents* I think C# is easier than JavaScript.  It's more structured, predictable, fewer gotchas.  But JavaScript is a core skill and cuts across different vendors. Good luck ... hope that helps?

  • CharlieCharlie

    Bob & Team -

    Thanks for a great intro course. Very helpful for those of us with little formal background, although a couple of the later lessons move along very rapidly (-:

  • @Charlie: Thanks Charlie ... could you be specific on what you felt moved too quickly.  That would help me in the future.  Best wishes!

  • Joel Valdezvaldezjoel Joel Valdez

    Thanks Bob for this great video series, it really help me on the right direction. Smiley

  • Tom YoungTom Young

    I've watched the first three videos and do not recall hearing mentioned that the Javascript language is case sensitive. In your example, where you show how the code can be broken by deleting the "e" in "substitute", it would have been useful to show how something as seemingly subtle as make the "s" uppercase would also break the code.

  • @Tom Young: You're absolutely right.  That was a huge omission on my part.  If I get the chance to re-create these videos some day, I'm going to take the feedback throughout this series and improve it dramatically.  To that end, your feedback is really important to me, even if it is critical (be gentle).  Sorry for the confusion this may have caused.

  • Tom YoungTom Young

    My failure was not declaring what an awesome job you did on this series. Your rendering of the subject is distinctively different from others I have seen. Another facet on the diamond of understanding.

  • @Tom Young: Ah, thank you for the nice note.  Smiley

  • JoshRagarJoshRagar

    Hi Bob,
    When attempting to validate my HTML5 as demonstrated in Video 2.
    I keep getting this:

    HTTP ERROR 415
    Problem accessing /. Reason:

    application/x-www-form-urlencoded not supported. Please use multipart/form-data.

    Powered by Jetty://

  • @JoshRagar: Hi Josh, so, you're choosing "Text Input" from the drop down box? THEN pasting the contents of the HTML page into the text box?  Is it possible you forgot to make a selection in the drop down list box? 

  • JoshRagarJoshRagar

    Thanks for the quick response bob,
    but I did actually choose "Text Input" from the drop down box and then pasted the contents of the HTML page into the text box.
    If it makes any difference, I was using the simplified interface of the validator.
    For some reason it just would not work.
    I did google other HTML5 validators though, and it worked from http://validator.w3.org/.

  • NavjotNavjot

    Hello Bob i am preparing for the 70-480 MSC exam and i have prepared from many video series but YOU ARE THE BEST SIR.

    But i have seen some people saying JavaScript is Object-Oriented (many book authors) while some totally denies it and says it is prototype based(Like MVA members)(plus: i dont know what is prototype based language).

    So can you please help me out in telling is it either oop based or prototype based and why?

    Else Thankyou very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

  • NavjotNavjot

    Hello Bob i am preparing for the 70-480 MSC exam and i have prepared from many video series but YOU ARE THE BEST SIR.

    But i have seen some people saying JavaScript is Object-Oriented (many book authors) while some totally denies it and says it is prototype based(Like MVA members)(plus: i dont know what is prototype based language).

    So can you please help me out in telling is it either oop based or prototype based and why?

    Else Thankyou very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

  • @Navjot: It is prototype based.  It feels like OOP most of the time, but then every once in a while you would expect to be able to do something one way and you can't ... your "mental map" needs some correction around classes & "strong types", creating instances, etc.  I think there are JavaScript libraries that give JavaScript OO features -- for example, WinJS, or rather, the Windows Library for JavaScript does just that (for building Windows Store apps).

  • HemantHemant

    Hi Bob !

    I first found out your video on you tube which was windows 8 app development video (its No 34 video for In-App-Purchases) and i found it so good that i was able to implement that even though i was quite new to the Windows 8 development platform.

    Although the videos do take a bit of time to stream, but the wait is always worth.

    Although i have started working as a developer but i still find the beginners video really useful. Its always good to stick to the basics. :)

    Thank You

  • @Hemant: Very cool.  Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

  • RutulRutul

    Hi! I'm new in app development. I want to know if there are e-book (pdf) versions are available to download for these chapters and courses :)

  • @Rutul: Not yet, but I'm considering working on one.  Tell me ... what types of additional resources would you want to see in a PDF version?  Do you simply want the TEXT of the lessons?  Or...?

  • ErikErik

    I want to thank you for taking the time to create these instructional videos. They played a big role in my passing the Microsoft 70-480 Exam today with a score of 978/1000.

  • Fantastic Work Bob!  I like your decision in this series to avoid a full IDE in presenting the course, however, if you revise the series, you might consider Notepad++ to do syntax highlighting and making html files easier to save.  Thanks again and I will definitely make use of your site.

  • @ChrisMorgan: Duly noted++  ;P

  • @Erik: Wow!  Maybe I should take those exams and see how I do!  Thanks for the tip!

  • DylanDylan

    Hi Bob. I'm pretty new to all this. A friend told me I would enjoy it so I started learning Visual Basic from your tutorials (which were awesome and very clear!) First of all I'd like to thank you for teaching me how to use Visual Studio, and secondly, I need advise.
    My friend has recently "shoved" me onto Java instead, but I wasn't even half of the way through your VB series. He says the sooner I go onto Java the better... what do you suggest?
    Oh and where are the files you mentioned that we will need? Can't see them sorry I'm a newb :(

  • ErikErik

    @Bob: I signed a Microsoft agreement so I cannot discuss specifics about the exam, but what I can say is that one Must know JQuery, JavaScript and Web Workers.

  • Aly MahrynAly Mahryn

    Thanks Bob
    Your So Great
    Currently Iam Downloading all the videos from HTML & CSS3,Visual Basic
    C# and JavaScript

  • @Dylan:  First, JavaScript and Java are two completely different and mostly unrelated technologies.  They only share the "Java" word, which is mostly marketing (I was at the conference in San Fran in November 1995 where the announcement was made, a partnership between Sun, Silicon Graphics and Netscape to try and promote their platform.  It was just a few days prior to Bill Gate's huge Microsoft announcement that they were turning the company around on a dime and focusing 100% on the internet.  Prior to November, 1995, JavaScript was known as Livewire.)

    If you are asking about JAVA (not JavaSCRIPT) ... It really depends on what you want to do and which "camp" you want to be in.  There's plenty of opportunity in the Microsoft camp and probably will be for the rest of my working years.  I don't know much about the Java community and opportunities there.  

    Regarding JavaSCRIPT ... I would say this ... VB and JavaScript are used for two totally different purposes.  VB can be used to create ASP.NET Web pages which are the "back end" that interface with databases, perform server-side logic, etc.  JavaScript is (typically, although not exclusively any more) used to write CLIENT-side logic that can interact with the server via the internet.  Confusing, probably, but the deeper you get into this you'll begin to see the differences.

    If you want to be a web developer, you'll need to learn a server-side and a client-side technology.  The client-side is a no brainer ... JavaSCRIPT.  On the server, you have A LOT of choices.  Obviously, I'm a Microsoft fan, so I'm biased to say that you will want to learn either C# or VB.  

    If you have more specific questions I'd be glad to respond!  Good luck!

  • DylanDylan

    Hello Bob. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your great efforts in making all these useful series, that allow us newbies make a first important step into WEB development. Secondly, i would like to ask you one question. You have mentioned, in some episodes, that the learning of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, C#/VB should be nicely concluded by an ASP.Net series, which you also created. Can you tell me where can I find that series, please? Thank you!

  • @Dylan: As of yet, Microsoft has not asked me to create ASP.NET videos.  However, I do have those on my own website, and am refreshing that material this spring.  Hope that helps!

  • DylanDylan

    Alright then, I am looking forward to it :) Best wishes in all you do!

  • azamazam

    hi BOB ..
    You are serve me in my career by providing such absolute videos using C#
    thanks for that .. and need a favor from you..
    im confused in my career and i don't know where to go what to study what is the most important part to learn in software developing dear BOB can you assist me to right path ...?
    and thank god i m still working in software company

  • @azam: I can try ... let me suggest you read this book first (it has nothing to do with Software Development per se, and everything to do with your career):

    So Good They Can't Ignore You


  • RoseRose

    Do you know roughly the total time of the 21 videos?

  • I just want to offer you a big thanks. I am taking this course ay Western Governors University, and feel they have no clue into how to teach their students correctly. The course books by CIW are vague and offer little defining and discussion on all the intricate parts of JavaScript.

    I appreciate you taking the time to offer help and guidance in learning JavaScript and other programming languages.

  • @Rose: I *think* between 6 and 7 hours.  Probably closer to 7.

    @Helbourne: Awesome.  thanks for the nice note!

  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the great series. I am working through HTML5, JavaScript  and JQuery, and the C# series. How about a serie on building applications for mobile, tablets, and desktops with ASP.NET MVC4 using HTML5, JavaScript and JQuery. I have watched many videos on the internet, some free, some paid. Yours is by far the best! What do you say Microsoft? Did anyone tell you that you look like a young Steve Martin?

  • @woodbury55: Thanks for the nice words.  Here's the other series I've already created:


    As far as ASP.NET MVC ... I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but I do have some of that on my own website.

    And yes, I hear the Steve Martin thing occasionally.  I've decided to tell a joke in exchange for a coffee.  Send me a Starbucks gift card and I'll tell you a Steve Martin joke.  Wink

  • M Sirait Freddy From PorseaM Sirait Freddy From Porsea

    Hi everybody.. You again Mister Bob... Thanks for your kindness to help me for learning the language like C#, VB...it's very easy to understand..i always follow you in your website. i love Mr. Bob so much, lol. i haven't tried yet this course about javascript...i'll try.

    i'm not a programmer but just my hobby to learn the language..im also interesting to learn Java, could you help me to provide the tutorial for that Mr.Bob..it'd be pleasure if you can do.. Thanks in advance..

  • @M Sirait Freddy From Porsea: Hi Sirat, thank you!  I'm glad you find my work helpful.  

    re: Java, no, I know absolutely nothing about Java.  There's so much opportunity and so much to learn in the  Windows development and web development world that I can barely keep up with that!  So, unfortunately, you can't know it all and I've decided to go "all in" on Microsoft.  Smiley

  • Bob Tabor rocks....

  • @RaphaelBig Smile

  • TejaTeja

    Hi bob, This is a great resource.
    I have a small doubt (a silly one), what's that clock like thing in your back, its definitely not a clock. just wondering what is it through out the video...:P

  • @Teja: This is it:


  • desmaterdesmater

    Hay Bob, I'm really interested in learning Javascript. I have a, well i think really not much, bit experience in Python, HTML and CSS. Should I start with watching your Series about HTML 5 and CSS 3 or doesn't matter with what I start?
    The reason I ask, when I'm good enough in javascript, I want to check out WebGL and programming graphical Apps for the Browser (which I think is a good step for my future, since I think the trend will go in this direction), also I'm interested in making a little Game with WebGL ^_^
    So what should I start with? HTML 5 & CSS 3 or could I start with javascript.
    Hoping for a good advice :)

    And sorry for my bad English writing, I'm better in understanding it then writing hahah :D

    desmater :)

  • @desmater: Yes, you'll definitely need *some* HTML and CSS3 under your belt before you begin with JavaScript.  Good luck my friend!

  • @BobTabor: Thanks for your fast answer! Well I started watching your series and it's really good.

    Thanks for that good work!

  • ahmed yazouriahmed yazouri

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your amazing vedios ,can you plz give me an advice which tutorials to go with in order to learn asp.net from scratch,
    I have learned C# very well ,but i need to go over the .net tecnhlogoy
    please help teacher

  • @ahmed yazouri: The www.asp.net site is a good place to start.  Outside of that, there's nothing I could recommend.  Now that VS 2013 is in beta, I'm going to be updating the ASP.NET videos on my own website.

  • ahmedYazouriahmedYazouri

    Thanks for the quick reply .

    i am in real mess and there are many and many tutorials can you please guide me to specific series to start wit please

  • @ahmedYazouri: Do you know the difference between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms?  If so, which do you need to learn?  If not, what are you trying to accomplish?

  • ahmed Yazouriahmed Yazouri

    Hi Bob,
    I worked on MVC in Oracle ADF ,bu as start i would like learning Webforms first then move to MVC.


  • @ahmed Yazourihttp://www.asp.net/web-forms

  • Ahmed YazouriAhmed Yazouri

    You are the best thanks alot:)

  • Thankxx man!!!!!Can you tell me which thing is placed on the book shelf behind you. The black one  in which the lights are flashing


  • @Ahmed Yazouri: Thanks!  Smiley



  • Abosede SamsonAbosede Samson

    @Bob Tabor, how you doing? please why have you been offline for a while on twitter?

  • @Abosede Samson: Ah, I'm just not a Tweeter.  I don't have original thoughts, it seems pointless to re-tweet when so many are doing it, and first and foremost, it requires an investment in time I simply don't have.  I'll never be a high volume tweeter.  In fact, I'm pretty much eschewing all social media.  Bah.  And get off my lawn, you pesky kids.


  • Abosede SamsonAbosede Samson

    @Bob Tabor, we pesky kids??? thats quite funny but nwaiz its the FACT.
    please when is there going to be a tutorial like this on asp.net,because most of the videos am seeing dont emphasize on tweaking the controls to ones taste, but rather they just used the controls like that as it is..........
    and please how do i get a mail address i can message you on, i mean a private email address, cos i got some things to tell you....

  • @Abosede Samson: Please excuse the American colloquialism to express that I'm becoming a curmudgeonly old man with no need of these new fangled technologies (like social networking).  Smiley

    You can contact me at bob at learn visual studio dot net.  I get requests for one-on-one help often via chat or Skype, however regrettably  there's not enough time in the world for that either.  If I can help you via email I would be glad to try.  Have a good day my friend.

  • abosede samsonabosede samson

    @Bob Tabor, thanks a lot. il mail you, but will prefer skype.

  • ShankarShankar

    Hi Bob, I just wanted to know whether I can use all these same JavaScript and html5 codes that you're teaching here, for a windows 8 phone html5 application? Or is there any other reference that I can follow up with to develop windows phone html5 applications?


  • @Shankar: I don't think you can build Windows Phone 8 apps with HTML5.  You can build Windows 8 Store Apps (for your desktop) with HTML5 & JavaScript.

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Shankar: bob is correct, currently you cannot do WinRT style HTML5 applications.  You can do some clever HTML5 stuff within a webview however

  • JKaiberJKaiber

    where can I get this videos subtitled,please I´m hearing impared,Im very interested!!

  • BeccaBecca

    Just wanted you to know (without your head getting big). So glad I stumbled on your videos. You don't talk above us and bring it down to those who have not been in this long but are naturals. Thank you. I am close to your age (still 29 and holding lol) and just now being able to do what I was born to do and your videos have made me feel less of an idiot.
    Thank you

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"
    @Becca: Smiley
  • @Becca: Ha!  Funny comment.  Glad the videos helped!

  • SurajSuraj

    Hi bob,
    I am taking some online courses in codeacademy to build a website like facebook where, I can have visitors can create their account and buy stuffs. So, i just completed HTML and CSS course and , currently started JQuery, but would appreciate your info if i am headed in right direction. What courses would your recommend for me to take and in which order. THank you.

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Suraj: figure out what you want to build, figure out the items you need to build from your dream, and start building it.  Best way to learn in my opinion and ask advice.  Sites like www.stackoverflow.com and the MSDN forums are great areas Smiley

  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks for a great video series! I was just wondering if there any plans to include it on the Microsoft Virtual Academy alongside your HTML5/CSS3 and C# Fundamentals series?


  • @GarethOwen: That would be a great question for MVA folks.  I'm just a cog in the machine. Smiley  I'm pretty sure they would be amenable to it ... they didn't realize that they were missing the VB series and added it the next day.

  • @BobTabor: Thanks for the prompt reply, I will send a request through to the MVA folks and hopefully this series will included Smiley

  • ElenaElena

    Hi Bob,
    I just wanted to congratulate you for this great materials that you
    have created for helping us. I have just started with HTML and CSS, and now I am looking for JavaScript. I am watching and learning from your videos, those are very good.

  • @Elena: Awesome!  Thank you for the nice note!

  • Great stuff!  Any plans for Programming in SharePoint courses?  Thanks.

  • @Cutlerwater: Not by me personally, but I know Microsoft Virtual Academy has some good stuff out there.  www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com  Good luck!

  • vishwanathvishwanath

    Hi Bob,
    one of my senior gave me advise to watch javascript videos and i became a huge fan of yours in order the way of teaching....thanks alot.

  • Just completed the HTML and CSS fundamentals on MVA so popped over here to give the JavaScript fundamentals a go.

  • Darshan SutharDarshan Suthar

    Hello sir,
    As you access all code in browser correctly but i could not access same like you. Even i reinstall my os and again try to access those all code given in this series for source code.
    I try to code myself and try to access those but still it is not working. In that, some functions like alert box are working but it could not work correct with "document.getElementById" function.

  • @Darshan Suthar: Did you download and try MY CODE?  Or did you attempt to type this in yourself?  Which browser / operating system are you using?  Which anti-virus software are you using?

  • ArunavaArunava

    @Darshan Suthar: Are you sure you are using "document.getElementById" and not "document.getElementByID" . I was having a similar issue but noticed the case for 'Id' in my code was different to Bob's code.

  • RanaRana

    I wonder if there is a translation for videos or even an English subtitle ?????

  • @BobTabor: A quick update regarding Microsoft Virtual Academy - they have now included this series and it can be found at


  • JimJim

    It must be the version of IE(11) I am Running. on c9JS_02 example
    the Click me button is square ; similar to the Comment button at the bottom of this listbox.
    I have MY version the click me highlights but nothing happens.
    I have also tried Your version and the same thing happens the click me button highlights but nothing changes.
    I am running Windows 7 and Notepad 6.1

  • CaptainKCaptainK

    Ouch, wanted to learn JS and seemed promising but cannot download the Source files, in IE8 or IE9 or Chrome....nothing NADA ZIP.....whatsup?

  • Great series Bob, thanks a lot.

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