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Series Wrap-Up - 21

7 minutes, 30 seconds


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In this last video, Bob provides a road-map of additional topics that you may want to investigate in order to round out your budding expertise in JavaScript. Bob also suggests (since many people ask) a list of books that might prove helpful as you to take your JavaScript knowledge to the next level.


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  • RexedeadRexedead

    Thanks for "Development for Absolute Beginners". It is really good tutorials!

  • @Rexedead: Thanks!  Glad you enjoyed it!

  • PaulPaul

    I really enjoyed this series. I viewed the videos in 2 long periods. I see myself as an 'experienced' programmer but still I learned a lot. Thank you!

  • StevecStevec

    Excellent series, highly recommended for anyone new to Javascript/JQuery, newbies and experienced programmers alike.

  • @Paul: Great to hear ... thanks for the feedback.  I learned a lot by creating this series as well.  Forced me out of my comfort zone!

    @Stevec: Thank you for the great recommendation.  Much appreciated!

  • Thank you, great teaching as always.

  • Nice job Sir , i actually started learning C# with your Csharp Beginners Video back then in 2008. I want to use this opportunity to say a big thanks to you for being part of my story. Now i do wonderful stuffs with Csharp, i even blog at http://www.adeyinkaseun.com

  • PatricioPatricio

    This serie was amazing!
    Thank you Bob for such a nice job.

  • I never got around to get my hands on Javascript, tried, got some books, but never understood that crazy syntax. Now I got the hang of it. Thanks Bob !

  • Emyr TabriziEmyr Tabrizi

    Dude, thanks so much for your video series. I really appreciate topics you've touched on such as scope, AJAX and closures. Its difficult to find resources that teach you that stuff. Your video's we're clear and enjoyable!!

    Thanks Again, Emyr.

  • I just wanted to acknowledge all the kind words of appreciation.  I, in turn, appreciate you and the time it took to write those nice notes.  Thank you and glad the videos were helpful to you!

  • Thank you for such an excellent video series, I truly appreciate it!

  • reenareena

    Your way of explaining things are very simple and thoughtful. I

  • Michael HarperMichael Harper

    Really enjoyed the series, great introduction to JavaScript - The best bit was clicking the bob head!

  • Thanks for the great series!

    An interesting note about Crockford, he invented JSON!


  • SivaRameshSivaRamesh

    Thanks Bob. I have gone through your HTML5 series as well. This is great series and helped me a lot.

  • RafaelRafael

    tks bob for your great series

    html5 and javascript series helped me a lot


  • John WienkeJohn Wienke

    Thank you Bob. I just wanted to let you know I now have a basic understanding of JavaScript :) That says a lot about your tutorial series because I have tried many different tutorials, courses, and books over the last year only to walk away more confused each time. I will take a look at your book recomendations for further learning. Your a good teacher I hope to see more from you in the future. Thank's again :D

  • AlexisAlexis

    Thanks! You are both: a great a professional and a good person. Don't ever give up!

  • @Alexis: Thanks Alexis ... where were you yesterday when I wanted to give up?  Wink

  • James MonteJames Monte

    Thanks for the excellent series on javascript.. I've been putting off learning it for a long time. I've learned more in watching this series than all the books i've bought.. I never realized how powerful javascript really is.. I thought it was a toy language.. Now I know otherwise.. Thanks again for the fantastic videos you've created,,

  • Its veryyy good but can  u teach the coaching of how to work with windows forum applications.

    Please can u help me..

  • @SamSmith: Hi Sam, I have those sorts of things on my own website, http://www.LearnVisualStudio.NET ...thanks!

  • Paul QuinnPaul Quinn

    This series really brought my knowledge on immensely. Even the early lessons showed up things I wasn't aware of, even after a couple of years dabbling with the language.
    I thank you for this series and I often recommend to others.
    Also credit to Bob, really well set out series and explained wonderfully with some great examples and naming conventions!
    best regards
    Paul Q

  • The series are packed with great content in an easy to understand way. I am Ms Access/VBA developer and wanted to understand what the JavaScript is about. The videos made me feel more comfortable in reading the code. However, when I followed your advice and actually typed the code - then it made me to 'feel' the language.

    Thanks a lot - excellent job!



  • ektaekta

    Thanks alot - this series was good learing experience.

  • PhilippeCPhilippeC

    Very very interesting, indeed, thank for all your videos.

  • Great series. It's been a few years since I did any web programming professionally (all on ColdFusion <grunty sigh>) and this series and the HTML5/CSS3 series are great. Just the kick I needed to stay on track while I'm pursuing the latest MS Web Dev certification, which is HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript based now. Bob is an excellent presenter.

  • @Paul Quinn: @NadiaSz: @ekta: @PhilippeC: @mattreisner: Thank you for all the encouraging words.  I'm glad you enjoyed the series and it was worth your time.  Good luck in your ongoing development pursuits.

  • Hi Bob,

    Thank you for this wonderful series.I liked this series alot....And I look forward to learn much much more from you....I was really scared of this language as I always got confused whenever I attempted to learn it ...But you really helped me through this series...Thanks Alot....You are one of the best teachers I have met in my life...  Smiley


  • I love the teachings of Bob Tabor! Thank you SIR

    From INDIA @BobTabor

  • Hey Bob!

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for this series.  I've been a web developer for many years.  Most of those years have been in web forms, so I found that my JavaScript skills were in very poor condition.  This series has really helped me to bring them up to speed.

    I got interested in your series because I want to do some Windows 8 development, and for me I felt the best path is the HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript path.  I started doing some labs and realized I needed to work on some skills I let slide over the years.  Obviously JavaScript was one of them.

    Thank you very much for the work that you do, it is greatly appreciated.  I will definitely refer people to your series on Channel 9 and your site.

  • @SheldonS: Thank you Sheldon!  Great feedback and thanks for the confidence builder.  Smiley  Best wishes to you ... let me know if I can help in any way.

  • Michael HackneyMichael Hackney

    I wish I found this series when I started learning JavaScript. You've made the process easy to understand and manageable. Thanks for your help.

  • @Michael Hackney: Thank you for your nice note.  Warm regards! -Bob

  • You have great teaching/educational skills and I really appreciate the references that you give at the end of each series. Thanks Bob.



  • @Mtan3: Awesome, thanks!  Smiley

  • Larry GindoffLarry Gindoff

    Bob: Great teaching methods as I made it through all the videos. Now I need to try to make it stick. Thanks a million! Larry

  • @Larry Gindoff: Glad they worked for you!

  • Thank you Bob.

    You made JavaScript with jQuery very easier with your best professional teaching methodology.

    This series is highly recommend for absolute beginners & experienced developers.

    Are you going to do 'Advanced JavaScript' series?

  • @Raju Golla: re: Advanced ... we have no plans for that.  Are there specific topics you would want to see in such a series?  Thanks for the nice words, good luck to you!

  • Muhammad UsmanMuhammad Usman

    Thank you Bob, for teaching us basics for Java Scripts.

    i would ask you if can lead me to any ASP.NET fundamental tutorials for beginners.

    and also i would ask you, is it better to learn Power Shell or no ?

    best regards


  • Suraj kcSuraj kc

    I wanted to learn developing Windows 8 apps using JavaScript and your series have been really helpful, sir.

  • Sir, I have followed your tutorial on Microsoft Virtual Academy.
    I finished the course, "HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals Development for Absolute Beginners".
    And i am done with this "Javascript Fundamentals Development for Absolute Beginners".
    Your tutorials are really great. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.
    Sir, I wish to be a professional web developer. What other languages or skills do i require to be able to make professional quality websites. Please enlighten me.

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Prosenjit: sounds like you have front end, now focus on the backend.  If you want to focus on msft stack, look at asp.net.  

    Node.js could be interesting as well to look at

  • lionellionel

    It's perfect tutorial for those programmers willing to learn Javascript and feel a bit disorientated by this language when coming from OO background.

    thank you

  • Ma3kMa3k

    What a fantastic set of instructional videos. I can't wait to dive in and learn even more, now that I have a foundation to work from.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. The world is a better place because of it.

  • Haneelhaneel No Women No Cry......... Just Cool Columbs

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Bob Will u Tell  me Sharepoint Means Wat ? wat is the use of it ? and how its works huh??


  • @haneel: Please do a search for that on wikipedia or on Microsoft.com.  You don't realize how large of a question that is ... one that I can't answer in just a few keystrokes.

  • Ted ZoliTed Zoli

    Great job...wonderful presentation skills.

  • EdisonEdison

    Hi Bob, Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about JS. I've been working with it, but just the basics. These videos are really useful and provide a better view about JS. Please keep on working that way and take care.

  • NehaNeha

    Hello Bob,
    Thank you so much for this course and sharing the knowledge. It is very helpful and learned many new things in this process. Looking forward to doing other courses with you and very inspired to take this further. Is there a self-assessment for this course? Please kindly let me know.
    Warm Regards,

  • @Neha: re: self assessment ... I'm not entirely sure (once it leaves my possession, I have a hard time keeping track of it) but Microsoft Virtual Academy may have some assessment questions based on this course.  www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com ... you'll recognize the title of the series there.  Good luck!

  • Superb series Bob.  Very well done and many thanks!

  • FlorinaFlorina

    Great series, Bob! I really like your teaching skills. Keep up the good job you do.

  • samuelsamuel

    Very cool tutorials! It was definitely a challenge to break into, but was more than worth it once I got the hang of it.

  • JonJon

    Thanks Bob. This is the 2nd series of yours I have gone through and it was extremely helpful!!

  • Ron HardyRon Hardy

    Wow, Bob. This series was great.
    I started out knowing nothing about Javascript or CSS. I had no reference materials and only a minimal HTML4 knowledge from 15 or 20 years ago, along with one canned sample app supplied by Nokia to start learning it. I was able to massage the small sample into a respectable, though still simplistic app, by studying the syntax and patterns of how the HTML, CSS, and Javascript tied into each other. My previous BASIC, Fortran, assembler, Z80/8080 ML, 6502 ML, C, C++, and Java exposure aided because the syntax is similar to C++ and Java. However, scoping was wrong in places and I could not figure out why until you explained so eloquently about function scope. It now makes perfect sense. I get closures now, too, thanks to you.
    You are very good at holding my interest and keeping your examples small, clean, and tight enough to illustrate your points without getting me lost in the weeds.
    I have also learned from your C# and WP7 beginners courses. Thank you and Clint for all your efforts! I am subcribing to LearnVisualStudio.net today. I want you to continue producing this great educational material.

  • @Ron Hardy: Awesome.  Thanks Ron.  Adding new content to LVS this week.  Hope you enjoy it.

  • Very touching ending, I've almost cried. Seriously..)) Thank you, Bob. 

  • @PawlikDoc: Aww ... it doesn't have to end, though:  http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/Beginner  :)

  • SheShe

    Thank you Bob for this wonderful series. I'm an experienced programmer and I've learned new things.
    I first watched you from HTML5 & CSS3 programming fundamentals, Virtual Academy series and I learned to keep a copy of a cheat sheet for HTML5 elements tags.
    For this JQuery series, I am currently digesting Javascript closure and will be studying more on JQuery API.
    I'm a microsoft developer and looking for Video Series on C# Object Oriented programming Concept, and SQL Query Advance training. You might have something to recommend. :)
    Hope to watch more of your training videos. Thanks indeed. :)

  • Thank you for the excellent course!

  • prabhakar n raoprabhakar n rao

    Professionally, I am teacher but you are my teacher as for as software is concerned. You have done an excellent job. I may be teaching hundreds of students, but you are teaching the whole world!
    Keep it up MY SIR,
    Thanks again and Let god bless you to serve the mankind this way!

  • @prabhakar n rao: Wow, thank you for the kind note.  Much appreciated.  :)

  • ChristiaanChristiaan

    After following your HTML5 and JavaScript series in full, time for a comment of appreciation.
    Great content, well presented, easy to understand.
    As someone who has delivered training on various tech & non tech topics, I'm a firm believer in direct student-teacher interaction; up to now I was skeptical of eLearning. But honestly, you really made it work: I never thought I could learn so much, so easily, outside of a classroom !
    Thank you Bob.

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