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Up to now, we've been mixing our JavaScript with our HTML5 code.  However, to write better organized and more accessible applications, we must learn a new technique -- how (and why) to reference external JavaScript files.





The Discussion

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    Re-opening this closed thread ...

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    Hi Bob!

    Your tutorials type "how-to" are very clears! thank you for that, but there are too many spanish people that don't understand your comments (that you said while you were coding ) . Had you ever thought on a spanish section? or subtitles? or promote links to spanish tutorials? o maybe promote in Latin Universities (with the teachers) that they will made the same tutorial in spanish? ( latin peope are near to 400'000,000 in the world)

    for example this link:

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    @jambriz: Hi and thank you for your ideas.  Let me start by making it clear that I don't officially work for Microsoft.  They hire me (?) as a contractor (?) I guess (?) on a temporary basis ... to create these videos.  I'm always clear on what our relationship is, but I know I create videos and they post them.  Smiley  So, a Spanish section of Channel9 is something the full time employees on the Channel9 team who actually work at Microsoft would have to fund and facilitate.  I would recommend you use the Feedback link in the footer to make this request known.

    Personally, for me, as a tiny fledgling business guy -- a one-man operation with no investors except my credit card -- there's nothing I would love more than to create a product that appealed to a whole other potential audience.  The problem is time and money.  Maybe that's the same problem: I have almost none of either.  There's simply not enough hours in the day to (a ) keep my skills up, (b ) create video content (c ) that can be translated in every language, and (d ) still make a living doing this.

    Editing the videos to add subtitles is great, however, it takes time and adds a great deal of expense.  Even if I could do it, it wouldn't be a good use of my time.  More importantly, I can only do what Microsoft is willing to pay for.  We've chatted about it, and I know it's on their radar, however they've not found (to my knowledge) the best cost effective way to do it.  Remember ... even though it's "Microsoft", each department only has a limited budget.  Some things require the executives to initiate strategically.

    As far as promoting someone else's work (other Spanish speaking websites, books, etc.) ... I couldn't in good conscience do that because I don't know what resources are worth looking at.  I know there are tons of blogs and websites in English that are a waste of time and I would never recommend them.  How could I vet the non-English ones?  That sounds like a job for an organization that has the financial resources required to pull off such a site.

    And, it sounds like an opportunity for some enterprising Spanish speaking developer to start their own little video screencast training company.  Smiley

    So, your ideas definitely have merit.  These are things that have been requested before.  I'm just not the guy who can make them happen.  Sorry!  But thank you for the kind words and best wishes to you in your pursuits.

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    Hey Bob!

    I love your tutorials! I only have one question, now that the JavaScript is in a seperate file. On online sites, such as, it allows you to edit the html of your page, and so if I wanted to add Javascript before, I could simply code it right then and there, inside the script tags. Now that it is in a whole new file, how do I make it that the html finds my javascript file?

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    @Michael: Hi, sorry for the delayed response.  I have no idea how works ... it may not allow you to embed JavaScript at all in a page.  Surely there's someone in that community who has tried and even has a tutorial for that?  Sorry ... I just know how it *should* work, but depending on how individual companies implement stuff, it could vary widely.

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    Thanks for making such great stuff available for free.
    The binary clock on the shelf doesn't seem to show the correct time or is it :)?
    And the channel9 profile lists you as a bearded guy ;)?

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    @Bassu: Sometimes the power goes off in my house and the clock resets.  I'm lazy and don't always reset it.  But then again, how do you know when I record these videos, hmm?  Wink

    re: bearded guy ... yeah, at some point I had two Channel9 accounts.  And at some point I had a beard.  And at some point I was a cartoon character.  Hopefully that explains everything.  Smiley

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