Licensing Expert Series: (01) Licensing Programs’ Fundamentals

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    Nice enough overview, didn't answer any of my questions and  I'm still left wondering what licensing I actually need. I was looking for what CALs do I need on a RDS server that users are connecting to as a traditional terminal server with Office installed  - RDS CALs, plus Windows user CALs to utilise the printers and finally some version of Office licencing as 60+ people will use office every day on that RDS server.


    Of course any time I try to look up User CALs for a RDS server I just get RDS CALs and I get office 365 cloud crap if I try to put office on my RDS server. 


    I'm honestly stunned that there isn't a simple matrix/table to tell me what I require or a web form where I can say:

    "I have a Server of X OS with Y people using it - installed is A,B and C what licenses should I have?"

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