MCP Insider Series - AMA with Jeffrey Snover: (02) MCP Insider Series - AMA featuring Jeffrey Snover (Part II)

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    Just a follow up on the guid thing, i see the reasoning for having a key to identify a machine but my question was really if that key really had to be a guid or just any text (and now i know!) it's not a big deal, just a mild inconvenience when you're setting up a pull server configuration.

    In the dsc MVAs you mention having the same config id on multiple machines and how in those cases the config id can be thought of as the "webserver" configuration for example. well i was thinking in those cases, why can't i just call it "webserver" then :)

    Oh well, i'm in the process of writing my own pull server that will have some extra features where i can abstract that stuff away, witch i guess is the point. But it does make pull servers and "pure" dsc a little bit harder to get into :)

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