Invitasjon for ISV'er til Worldwide Partner Conference 2016

Play Invitasjon for ISV'er til Worldwide Partner Conference 2016

The Discussion

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    WPC is a great place to grow your business as an ISV!

    As a Microsoft Partner you need to think and work different to attract customers today.

    Today's customers holds the power. Instead of owning a license to just using a license - they are able to shift away from you from day-to-day or month-to-month.

    To keep down the churn, your focus should be at delivering value (and not products) to your customers and deliver vertikal and standardized solutions - that are less complex, with lower risk, easy to buy, implement and use.

    You need to decrease customization and consulting cost for your customers.

    But you need to be able to deliver complete solutions - therefore you need to establish partnership with other Microsoft Partners in order to fill in the GAP from your own products and services.

    In order to obtain this situation you probably need to go through a transformation in your business.

    But if you succeed, you'll win not only 1 of 10 but 7-8 of 10 business opportunities.

    TBK Consult will be attending the WPC and will offer the attending Microsoft partners a complimentary assessment of their chances for success with international expansion through the Microsoft ecosystem.

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