Keeping your MSDN Subscriptions up to date (MPSA)

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Your role as an MSDN administrator is to ensure that your organization's MSDN licenses are up to date in order to get maximum value from your organization's MSDN subscriptions. Let's take a look at some pending subscription actions in the dashboard and give you the tools you need as an administrator to manage them.


If you see a yellow notification triangle under pending actions, this indicates your MSDN licenses are over claimed, which means you have more users assigned than subscriptions owned. This is indicated by a yellow indicator bar next to the user name. The notification in the dashboard will help guide you to remove users, or have your purchasing agent contact your Microsoft reseller to reconcile. To manage this situation yourself, just filter for the users and remove multiple users at once or one at a time.


Eventually, your users' subscriptions will expire. When this happens, you will see a red indicator bar next to their name in the subscribers list page If you want these subscriptions to be renewed, your purchasing agent can contact your Microsoft reseller to purchase new MSDN Subscription licenses. It's as simple as that! . If you no longer wish for some of these users to be assigned with an MSDN subscription, you can simply remove them.


If a subscriber leaves the company, or you no longer require the user to maintain an MSDN subscription, you will want to remove that user from your MSDN account to reconcile. Updating subscriber user information is just as easy. Simply point to a user's name to get the option of editing their information.


As an MSDN Administrator, using these tools to keep your subscriptions up-to-date will allow your users to access world class software, services, and support for all their innovation needs.


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