Managing your MSDN Subscriptions (MPSA)

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Now that you have been set up as an MSDN administrator, you hold the keys to unlocking a whole new world of software, services, and support for your users. In the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center (MVLC), search for your company's online volume licensing agreement, click Manage Subscriptions, or go directly to the web link to access the new MSDN Administration portal via your User ID or Tenant ID.


The dashboard will give you notifications about actions you might need to take with your subscriptions (more about that in the next video). The bottom portion has buttons for the four most-common tasks you will be performing within this tool: adding users (either individually or in bulk), running a report of all your users, and finding specific users.


You'll want to begin by assigning your MSDN subscription licenses to new users, so that they can begin using their subscriptions and taking advantage of all of their benefits right away. You can assign a single MSDN subscription to a user by clicking Assign. Simply add the new user's information and click Submit for a seamless management experience: You can also navigate to the Subscriber List page, which gives you detailed information about all of your subscribers. Users can be added and assigned here as well.


If you have more than one user to add, you can click Bulk Add to assign multiple subscriptions at once. Simply follow the instructions to download the bulk assignment template, fill out all subscriber information, and upload in minutes!


Whether the subscriptions are assigned individually or in bulk, a welcome email with detailed instructions will be automatically sent to your users. This email is their ticket for activating MSDN benefits, and helping you boost productivity and save money! After, the user has activated their subscription, a green indicator will appear next to their name.


Once you have assigned users, you can provide a report of all of your users to any person or team in your organization. Just use the Export feature to generate a Microsoft Excel version of your subscriber list.


Finding a specific user or a specific group of users based on a number of different criteria is easy. Just filter the users in the list to find people by their name, email address, subscription level, and various other pieces of information.


Now that you have gained familiarity with the new portal and have assigned your licenses, let's check out the next video to help you manage common scenarios to keep your MSDN subscribers up to date and on track.


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