MSDN Subscribers How to Spin up a VM

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What developer couldn't use an extra machine? As an MSDN subscriber – you can use your Azure monthly credits to spin up a virtual machine in minutes.

To get started, sign in to the Azure Management Portal with your MSDN subscriber credentials. See how many credits you have by clicking the green button at the top of the screen - depending on your subscription level, subscribers get between $50 to $150 Azure credits per month.


Now, click on "Create a virtual machine."


MSDN subscribers have access to a Virtual Machine image gallery. The gallery contains multiple versions of the Windows Server operating systems plus additional software like SQL Server, SharePoint, and BizTalk Server – most Azure credits will cover creating any of these VMs.


Select what you want to run and type the name for the VM. For this VM, we'll call it "MSDNRocks!"


Then, type a name for the administrative account that you want to use to manage the server and create a password.


As demonstrated, it takes only a few minutes to start using the Cloud! With $100 credits per month – you could use up to three VMs for 16 hours a day! And what's more, with per-minute billing and lower prices for MSDN subscribers, your credits now last longer (up to 97%).


Two thirds of developers are either currently developing on the cloud or will develop on the cloud in the next two years. Go. Get started! We can't wait to see what you build.



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