Mango Jump Start (06): Windows Phone Multi-tasking & Background Tasks

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Microsoft MVPs Rob Miles and Andy Wigley are back! The "Building Applications for Windows Phone "Mango" Jump Start" was hosted by Microsoft Learning as a follow-up to last year's Windows Phone 7 Jump Start sessions. Mobile application developers rave about the fast-paced, demo-rich, real-world and often-times humorous approach Rob and Andy use to deliver this timely content. Now that "Mango" has made such a huge splash in the industry, we've asked them to put together another great course.

This course is specially tailored for developers looking to build cool applications and games for the new Windows Phone Mango Platform.

In module six, Rob leads a valuable session on multi-tasking and background tasks. After starting off with some essential information on Windows Phone Task Management, Rob shows options for multi-tasking with Background Agents, how to create tasks in Visual Studio, File Transfer tasks, Background Notifications and background music playback tasks.

  1. Mango Jump Start (01): Building Windows Phone Apps with
    Visual Studio 2010
  2. Mango Jump Start (02): Silverlight on Windows Phone—Introduction
  3. Mango Jump Start (03): Silverlight on Windows Phone—Advanced
  4. Mango Jump Start (04): Using Expression to Build Windows Phone Interfaces
  5. Mango Jump Start (05): Windows Phone Fast Application Switching
  6. Mango Jump Start (06): Windows Phone Multi-tasking & Background Tasks
  7. Mango Jump Start (07): Using Windows Phone Resources
    (Bing Maps, Camera, etc.)
  8. Mango Jump Start (08a): Application Data Storage on Windows Phone | Part 1
  9. Mango Jump Start (08b): Application Data Storage on Windows Phone | Part 2
  10. Mango Jump Start (09): Using Networks with Windows Phone
  11. Mango Jump Start (10): Tiles & Notifications on Windows Phone
  12. Mango Jump Start (11a): XNA for Windows Phone | Part 1
  13. Mango Jump Start (11b): XNA for Windows Phone | Part 2
  14. Mango Jump Start (12): Selling a Windows Phone Application



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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    you guys are awesome, and one quesiton, where can I find the code which you demo'ed in the video?

  • User profile image

    Hi Richard,

    Code is available now at I'll get direct links on all the posts presently.

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    I'm going to write car video recorder. I want to record video at the background agent. But calling
    new CaptureSource() { VideoCaptureDevice = CaptureDeviceConfiguration.GetDefaultVideoCaptureDevice() };
    causes the exception : Invalid cross-thread access.
    How could i find the thread where i can run it?

  • User profile image

    Can I employ background task to, say take a screenshot of the currently running application?

  • User profile image

    Can you take a screenshot from the foreground application?
    Here is the list of unsupported api's

  • User profile image

    Loving these videos since I discovered them. A fun and entertaining way of answering the questions I have. Shortened my learning curve cause all I need to do is watch the video of the feature I'm interested in and I'm already familiar. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

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