MEAN On Azure Episode 2 : A MeanOnAzure project

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The Discussion

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    THIS is why I started learning the MEAN stack. It seems perfect for an all-in-one solution on IoT devices.

    For my personal project, I intend to create a local-only network-connected garage door sensor (and eventually include relay switches to open/close), simply because I cannot see my garage door from my home.

    When I know it works and I can guarantee security, I may migrate to Azure so I can check on my garage door from anywhere.

    That's why I'm excited for this project that has nothing to do with anything I'll ever care about. I guarantee I will never own a waterrower, but I love that it's personal.

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       Thanks for the comment.  Feel free to reach out with any questions.  Jeremy and I will post other update videos about the waterbug project.


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     Cool project.

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    This project is very very interesting. I like "concrete things" when I learn something new.

    Thank you guys.


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