MEAN On Azure Episode 2 : A MeanOnAzure project

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In this video, we introduce a project we will be working on during the MeanOnAzure series. As any developer knows, you only really learn when you dive deep on a specific project so I have teamed up with Jeremy Foster (codefoster) to create the waterbug project. This video introduces you to the project. You can follow along as we build it over the months or join in the fun by downloading the project.


Azure, NodeJS



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The Discussion

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    THIS is why I started learning the MEAN stack. It seems perfect for an all-in-one solution on IoT devices.

    For my personal project, I intend to create a local-only network-connected garage door sensor (and eventually include relay switches to open/close), simply because I cannot see my garage door from my home.

    When I know it works and I can guarantee security, I may migrate to Azure so I can check on my garage door from anywhere.

    That's why I'm excited for this project that has nothing to do with anything I'll ever care about. I guarantee I will never own a waterrower, but I love that it's personal.

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       Thanks for the comment.  Feel free to reach out with any questions.  Jeremy and I will post other update videos about the waterbug project.


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     Cool project.

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    This project is very very interesting. I like "concrete things" when I learn something new.

    Thank you guys.


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