MEAN on Azure Episode 6: A Mean On Azure Project - Chess

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    Rick Arthur

    When I switch to the 'Debug' window and click the 'Play' button the second time, I get an error: "request 'launch': program c:\Projects\mychess.js' does not exist".

    I have walked through all of the instructions twice, and am using pristine environment except for the fact that I have walked through the other 5 MEAN on Azure videos.

    Any suggestions? One thing that I think is funny about the error message is that I am working in the c:\Projects\mychess folder. Not sure why it is going up one level to look for this file. Any insight would be appreciated.


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    @Rick Arthur:

    hey rick! sorry about the trouble! it looks like your vs code debug environment is confused. when you switch to the debug window and click play, the first time it is trying to create the launch.json file which tells vscode how to debug.

    to fix this in your environment, go ahead and edit your launch.json file that gets created and have to point to 'app.js' or '/mychess/app.js'

    the folder that you launch vscode from could be causing the problem...for example, if you launch vscode from c:\projects instead of c:\projects\mychess vscode thinks that your app.js file should be in the c:\projects folder but cant find it.

    if this doesn't fix it please paste in your launch.json file contents and we can fix it together :)

    cheers and good luck!






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    @therobot:  Awesome!  That fixed it.   The 'program' field was set to ${workspaceRoot}app.js.   Changing it to just app.js seemed to do the trick.

    Many thanks for getting me unstuck.  I am looking forward to finishing this walk-through!!!


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