MEAN on Azure Episode 9: Mongo DB Sharding

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MEAN on Azure Episode 9: Mongo DB Replica Sets

In this episode we have MongoDB Master Nuri Halprin helps us understand Sharding.


About Nuri:

Nuri Halperin consults, develops software, and trains with passion. His company designs and builds scalable systems, websites, and business applications. He's been getting projects done for a variety clients, small and large. A frequent speaker at tech events, he enjoys interacting and helping people reach that "Aha!" moment. He is the author of several online courses on

 Nuri was the founding CTO of He is the inaugural recipient of MongoDB's William Zola Outstanding Contributor Award, and is a MongoDB Master.

Owner of
Author at Pluralsight



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The Discussion

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    This presentation is mind-bogglingly good. The level of depth and clarity that is shown here, is what I typically aspire to create in virtually any content that I produce. Nice job, Nuri.

    Trevor Sullivan
    Microsoft MVP: PowerShell

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