How to install a new Active Directory forest on an Azure virtual network

Play How to install a new Active Directory forest on an Azure virtual network

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    What about the second DC VM?

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    Dan Newton

    You can use the new Azure Portal to set the VM to use a static IP as an alternative to PowerShell step :)

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    steve alpern

    I had a similar problem on second DC. I statically changed the DNS on the 2nd DC to and nothing else. I put in the AD DS role and proceeded to make the machine another domain in the forest with the first DC. Everything seemed to go fine. But I could not again log on to the machine as part of the domain with correct credentials, or even the machine locally with correct admin credentials.

    Could you please advise best procedure to get the second DC into the domain as 2nd DC? I am obviously doing something wrong here, and you video doesn't really show up on procedure to second machine. Am I going to have to run PS again to put in static IP i.e. And if I don't put in the DNS server address via properties of the NIC on the second machine, it won't even find the first DC.

    Steve A

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    Jose Ricardo

    Tradusir este site para português.

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    Thanks for your post. I followed step by step this post and everything works. However i can not navigate on internet on the VMs. Do i have to do an additional configuration?

    Thanks in advance.


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    This is great, thanks for creating.

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    Constantin Radulescu

    Thank you for tutorial.
    After deploying the AD forest and update the custom DNS for the VNET my DNS servers were not updateding on the Windows AD machine, even after restart. The DNS server were local host (ipv4 and ipv6) The only solution I have found was to redeploy the machines.

    Do you have any idea why is happening this on Azure?

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    Randy G

    Similar process automated:

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    This video is very helpful. Thanks very much.  Right now i have one on-prem AD server serving six clients, and an Azure VM that's part of my on-prem domain using a site-to-site vpn.  i plan on getting rid of my on-prem AD server and use my Azure vm as my primary AD server.  Do you have any suggestions, as far as the best practice to achieve this goal? 

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