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Recently I wondered what it would be like to get Bill Buxton from Microsoft Research and Jeff Han from Office together to talk about technology. Bill's pioneering work in human-computer interaction helped build the foundation of ubiquitous computing. A generation later Jeff Han helped to introduce the world to multitouch design and founded Perceptive Pixel. I didn't realize they are long time friends who spent the previous evening watching old technology videos at Jeff's house. They were kind enough to continue their conversation with us. 

In part one we start with early influences and the contributions made from an unlikely source; music. 

[00:55] - Bill's early influence on Jeff. [link]
[05:17] - First computers. 
[12:20] - Bill's first tailor-made computer. 
[15:00] - The separation of software and hardware. 
[17:40] - The most important OS is homosapien 1.0. [link
[19:00] - Touch development driven by music. 

Coming up in part two: Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it, but those who do know history are destined to improve upon it.  

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