Bill Buxton and Jeff Han - Part 2 of 4

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Recently I wondered what it would be like to get Bill Buxton from Microsoft Research and Jeff Han from Perceptive Pixel together to talk about technology. In part two we find that those who don't know history are destined to repeat it, but those who do know history can improve upon it. 

[00:10] - Any new idea by the time it reaches maturity takes 20 years. 
[01:45] - The long nose of innovation.  
[05:15] - The difference between riffing off and ripping off.  
[06:40] - Flashes of inspiration. 
[10:00] - Complexity.
[16:20] - Historic remotes. 
[21:00] - Bill's thoughts on building a team. 

Coming up in part three: Common projects between Bill and Jeff, twenty years apart. 

See parts one, two, three, and four.   



The Discussion

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    This is so awesome.  I could listen to Bill Buxton all day.

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    Great to see (and hear) this high quality conversational content! Awesome :)


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    Great stuff! Sadly it only reminds me of "Golden era" of Channel 9, where this kind of interesting conversations with experts in the field, not only revloving around ms topics, used to be commonplace. Now it is rather rare. Do not get me wrong, maybe we have been spoiled with all the Eirik vs Beckman, or all the fascinating topics revloving around functional stuff, long and deep Charles interviews .. Ahh good ole' Times, cmon MS fill the gap pleaseee ;-)

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    Excellent, looking forward for the next two parts!

    Please Larry, touch up the white mark on the wall beside the TV (clearly visible at the 00:09:00 mark), it is driving me crazy! (OCD anyone?).

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    @jvs_ca:I think that mark is the reflection of our lights on the glossy edge of the back TV. You can also see the overhead lights in the top of the bezel. It drives me crazy too but I haven't yet found a way to conceal them. We'll be using a PPI display for the rear screen eventually and those have matte finish so that should help.  

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