Eric Horvitz on the new era of Artificial Intelligence

Play Eric Horvitz on the new era of Artificial Intelligence

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    This is a very nice interview, a real one not scaring everyone saying "Al's out to get you". The media does that way too often to people. I wrote this a while back and people confused virtual world values with the real world, and again it's not the intelligence itself, but the way it is communicated to the public. This has been a very popular post that even Cher agreed with, the confusion elements. I was chatting on Twitter the other night with Berkeley mathematician Edward Frankel about some of these topics.

    On privacy, we need to index data sellers, license them, so we know who they are. I'm up to my neck in trying to get myself off a list of people who take blood thinners and I'm stuck, can't find the origins, so if transactions had a license, we could track it. I know the data selling won't stop, but please get some audit tables out there to help us fix flawed data or I'll be scored beyond all belief soon. With all the hacking, stolen data will soon make its way into the legit world too, just like stolen drugs do. If you want consumers to trust, don't leave out the tools we need to fix errors:)

    The movie "HER" is mentioned here and Larry Ellison a year ago gave his warning on this too "there's only one LeBron" which is in essence a warning to not again confuse virtual values with the real world. Again that issue is huge today so lines should be drawn and explained better for consumers.

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    I stopped watching once he mentioned global warming.

    Seriously, Microsoft needs to hire a climate scientist to give seminars to all their employees

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    @Proton2: This is almost as stupid as claiming that an explosion next to you is no thread because it has not kill you in the last 18 milliseconds (but in this example your live would take an natural end after 60+ ms anyway, so who the f... cares, right?). I guess people ignoring the proven physical properties of greenhouse gases are destined to have a problem with the truth that the averaged temperature values of the last 18 years just say nothing about global warming. Want some hard facts? Have a look at NASA global temperature charts or better take a look at the natural disaster figures of global reinsurers. E.g. But I'm afraid you will prefer to go on hugging your 18 year chart in your everything's-comfortable-world.

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