Krysta Svore on Quantum Computing

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    Very interesting, thanks for the information

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    Great questions, and Ms. Svore did a great job of explaining a fascinating, complicated topic.

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    Alex Gao

    That's a set of very intelligent and thought provoking questions from the interviewer. Krysta addressed them with clarity and yet with enough room for imagination for physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientist/researchers. I hope the time horizon can be significantly shortened (from her estimated 10 years) by having the industry and academia collectively work together, across the globe. I wonder why no question asked about D-wave, or competitive landscape (Google, IBM alike) in terms of state of art of quantum computing. Probably by design, but it's nice to learn about Krysta's perspectives on that. Since the filed is really pre-competitive, I think collaboration is more important than competition, or a fine balance between both.

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    Why not focus on running Qubit computers as simulations on standard binary computers? What are the draw backs or limits of Microsoft's Liquid?

    What moral questions will we have to ask our selves once we harness the ability to accurately model physical systems. What dilemmas will a quantum computer open doors to. Any draw back to having a quantum computer? Any one asking these questions or is it "full steam ahead!"?

    I'm still puzzled by how quantum entanglement works.:D

    Thanks for the interview. I would like more like it on this topic.

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    Steven J Klattenhoff

    Why sit on your hands, Enable Json. And ask GOD to build us a Couple Quatums that don't require extreme cold and are portable. What are you waiting for ? Just know I will require one for doing it.

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    Dawn Cullers

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