Leslie Lamport ACM 2014 A.M. Turing Award Winner

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I recently sat down with Leslie Lamport, principal researcher at Microsoft Research and 2013 Turing Award winner to talk about the impact of his work on computer science, his current passions, and his love of mathematics.  





The Discussion

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    I want to say thanks for the interview. I understand Leslie Lamport thinks of solutions to problems in a non traditional way. A way that many others might not. I wonder how this has helped him in his life. How has it helped form personal views of the world? Does he look at all situations in life with a mathematical perspective? Relationships, decisions, politics? These might be to personal of questions to answer and I'll understand.

    I think its intriguing how smart minds think and interact with their surroundings. Take Albert Einstein for example. He is arguably one of the worlds most brilliant and imaginative minds. Yet even he was not perfect. He was not the perfect father and he divorced his first wife and had an interesting relationship with a cousin. So maybe he viewed personal relation ships like every one ells does or maybe he views them entirely different than every one ells. Turing is another fascinating mind who had an interesting life style and whom may have looked at the world a little different than many others. He ultimately committed suicide. The good all die to soon.  Richard Feynman, a brilliant man used to hang out at a strip club to study. Leads me to wonder what was going on in his mind when it came to ethics and the normality's of societies. Just makes me wonder how these people viewed the world. Please don't hate me for asking the question to some one who might think like these people who have worked their life around math and thinking out side the box. 

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    I come here each day hoping for a response or some one ells to post. Each day I come closer to accepting that my posts will be lone comments on this subject. 

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