The Future of Affective Computing

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    You don't always see a psychologist and an artist working together.

    I love seeing what Microsoft Research is working on. I am glad Microsoft has such a robust program for research.

    Your at the stage where Babbage was with his first computer. His first computer was clunky and mechanical. It was the size of several large refrigerators. A person actually had to crank it to get it to work. Now we have computers that fit in the palm of our hand. I think this kind of thing has potential to take off.

    I see the day when ill be walking down the street and I get splashed from a puddle by a passing car. Ill get really upset, frustrated and then sad. My shirt will turn on and say to me, "do you want to talk about it?" I see a fad some day with baseball caps. Some guy will be in a bar, see an attractive girl. He gets excited and then a fan of peacock feathers fan out behind his head.

    I never new any one was working on things like this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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    Yup, because there's nothing more sane than having a conversation with your t-shirt about you getting wet by a passing car.

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