Ushering in the Era of Programmable Hardware

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This week I spoke with Doug Burger about the findings of a Microsoft Research and Bing research project that equipped servers with reconfigurable hardware, in the form of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), to accelerate data center services. Based on the success of the pilot, Bing will roll out FPGA-enhanced servers in one data center to process customer searches starting in early 2015.



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The Discussion

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    already cool and would be nice if scaled down to mobile use imho, imagine like having your mobile hardware reprogrammed to meet needs of task at hand.

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    Any plans to add FPGA support to SQL Server? Restrictions, projections, hashing and other functions that require single row to produce result seem like a logical candidates for offloading.

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    that's my dream come true - electronic engineer at heart but never took off in that field - ended up in software which I enjoy but miss hardware. This will bring my two passions together.

    OMG he sounds soo clever! I need to go back and research!

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