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When you think of Real Estate & Facilities (RE&F), visions of campus shuttles, cafés, and facilities requests may be conjured up. But what about X-ray machines, bomb safes, and the "shake room"?


A morning ritual for Microsoft employees is reading MSW on our corporate intranet. This is where we see news, events, campus maps, and other information that we use every day at Microsoft. One of the features of MSW is a video series called Microspotting. Even though these are targeted toward employees, we thought you would enjoy them here on Channel 9 as well. - Larry 



The Discussion

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    What kind of back ground does a guy like Rob Towne have to have to do his job? Is he a programmer moved over to managing mail distribution? I thought every one at Microsoft was a programmer.

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    @Jason818: "I thought every one at Microsoft was a programmer." ... that's definitely not the case. We, like any company I would expect, hire for the role. Our HR people are probably experts in the HR field, our facilities people come from that background, etc.

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    Funny video. Liked it. Never occurred to me that a shake table would be needed on top of what I hope the USPS already does. Little extra caution doesn't hurt though. I guess I just take it for granted when I open my own mail that it's safe.

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    Who gets the most mail there at Microsoft? Is there any one person or group that get a lot more than others? Does Bill Gates still get mail there?Big Smile

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    Thanks for sharing!

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