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Take a minute out of your day to learn about all the killer new features on your Windows Phone. Trust me, you'll be glad you did Smiley



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The Discussion

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    There is no "ring tone" under GENRE - what version of ZUNE software are you using????

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    You might wish to pull this video...

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    @BrentMorrisRTP: There is for me, using the released version of Zune (v4.8 I think). What you may find is that the list of GENREs only includes what it can find in your collection. You can enter a custom value though, instead of just picking from the list, so if you type in "Ringtone" on one file, that will show up in the list from then on.

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    @Duncanma:Thanks Duncan! Yes, I had to create a custom genre and title it "ringtone".

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    that's cool, but, still too hard for normal people. Hope Tango would support Ringtons directly from Music Hub + Simple Editing tools. Also I heard a rumor saying MS are going to depreciate Zune, eeekkkk.

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    That's like least obvious way to set ringtone since my first cellphone in 2000.
    And it's just 40 seconds long! I want my alarm to play my song! Is it so hard to allow like more than 40 seconds of music on a device with 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz CPU?! Seriously!

    I can use 3rd party application to play whole song as alarm, but they must be kept open! And it is possible to mess it all up by pressing Bing button (have never used it Smiley.
    And even if I will not mess plugging cellphone to charger + not touching control buttons, it still can go wrong! One night I slept too well. Because WP decided to put modal "you have an OS update!" above my running alarm application. No alarm for you, sorry.

    I've been promoting WP7 to my friends for like a year. I do not anymore. I have never used other smartphones, but currently my user experience with Omnia 7 is much inferior to SE W995 I used to have.

    Contact sync? Had to use google. Default MS acc sync didn't work well. Office.live.com? Better than nothing, but it still like 5 years before it can reach google docs. No phone backups. Tied to just one region for a lifetime.
    C'mon! You are Microsoft! You used to provide much better experiences than this! I don't need fancy smooth animations (well, they are good Smiley, I need basic non-smartphone experience to begin with.
    Can you please make a flashlight work?! Currently I have to start recording video to get "flashlight" effect. Not most efficient solution.

    I've never had to watch a tutorial video to make a ringtone before WP7! It never was that hard! There are no predefined genres. You have to type one yourself. You can mess it up ("Ringtone"? "ringtone"? "Ringtones"?..)
    You need a PC to set up phone ringtone!
    And it's still 39 seconds long.
    WTF, seriously?!

    PS: and now I would have lost my post during "make your profile" if I would not Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C it before submitting. Because cmon, I know it's MS web services. They <strike>shine</stroke> smell.

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    No, No and again No!!!
    I don't want to use ZUNE!!!

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    Great new series Laura!

    Loaded question for a future episode: How do I find Live Tiles for my phone?

    Ahem, one option is the new 'Live Tile Browser' :





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    Don't know why it has to be such a hassle to cut 40 seconds of the song and upload/sync with phone. Android can use any mp3 as ringtone/texttone and automatically cuts playing...

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    Not once, have I seen this advertised as a new Mango feature. Especially as everybody was gob-smacked that the user wasn't capable of doing this from day one. Even if this feature had been advertised, it would have taken a whole 1 minute video to expose it, oh wait.

     This is embarrassing, for me and for you.

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    Is this a joke? Do you really think that people will * their pants because they can set up a custom ringtone? I such "easy and intuitive" way? Are you kidding me?

    Pick up ANY other phone with ANY other operating system and you will see that this feature is present FOR YEARS. And it doesn't require any Voo Doo set up.

    Sorry guys, I like Mango but you should take thown this video. It will scare your potential customers.

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    This is just a sad joke. And it is on Microsoft.

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    You should just be able to select a song on your phone and select "set as ringtone".

    No Zune, no 40 seconds limit, no setting of a genre.

    Please put more effort in this kind of things, because they influence the decision to go for the windows phone or not.

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    I put a mp3 on my phone (android) via the windows explorer (drag and drop).
    I select the mp3 on my phone (via a media player) and select "Set as ringtone".
    No zune, no 40 seconds, no syncing or whatever!
    That is a "VOILA" way of doing things on a phone.

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    Waaaoooo. Who comes up with an approach like this in the year 2012. You just made a video to let people know that you can set a mp3 file as a ringtone. How crazy is that? And then there are restrictions. I understand the DRM part, but the 40 sec part is just sad. The fact that you cant simply click a mp3 file and choose "Set as ringtone" with perhaps a couple of editing options is beyond failure. What is your criteria for hiring people who make decisions like this. "Have you ever used a toaster?"

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    I noticed in the background that it was scrolling several "features" of the phone and one of them was Skype?  I have heard rumors all over the place about Skype and some "official" announcements, but nothing available to the public yet?  What's up with the tease?

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    While this process is not terribly complicated it still is unacceptable that you can't just choose any .MP3 file on your phone and simply set it as your ringtone without needing to use any other software.
    It's little things like this that make people willing to recomend an OS to other people. This does NOT make people say "you really should get a  Windows Phone".

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    So the video says "Mango lets you use any audio file as your ring tone, ANY AUDIO FILE!" but then it says it has to be shorter than 40 seconds. How many people have audio files shorter than 40 seconds? Rediculous. I know how to shorten MP3 files with the free Audacity, but how many people know how to do that or want to do that?

    Just pull this video, it's doing more harm than good.

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    @Marty:I realize the process to get a custom ringtone may not be ideal- but it's a new feature that wasn't included in the original release of WP7 so it's better than nothing Smiley Besides- maybe now that you all have made your opinions known about the dislike of the process the guys from the WP team can take note of it and improve it for the next upgrade Smiley Thanks for the feedback!


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    Hi Laura,
    thanks for the response. I am sure the WP team reads this kind of comments and they actually should know that this way to add a ring tone can only be considered as a workaround for the not so common endusers.
    Still I would like to ask you to pass this link to them.
    It really should not be hard to fix this problem and it would be a pitty if the fix would not be included in the next update.
    I love the WP, but it is hard to recommend it to someone, when you know that the day they buy the device they will come back to you complaining that it is impossible to just set a custom ringtone.

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    I agree with Walpy if we are talking improvement ideas.  Make it easy to cut N seconds from an mp3 or any media track and Send to ringtone. Simple and done.  New sales montra for ya.  Get To Done.

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    Yeah, it's better than nothing, but I can't imagine this process was easier to code than 'select file in your music library to act as ringtone' that has been in Symbian for almost 10 years. It's almost impossible to believe that this wasn't done deliberately so carriers would still have a revenue stream charging $3 for a ringtone.

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    Most useless "tutoral" I've ever seen...

    Why 40secs? Why 1 MB? Why bloody Android and many other "phone OS" (even on my ancient phone) can play entire song regardless of size, time and bitrate?

    Also "Zune"+WP7 is most useless nice looking piece of crap - no video playlists, no "convert to ringtone" function, no drag-n-drop from folder bypassing media library, no sound equilizer, no function to remember (or do not remember) playing position etc.No separate sound level for phone and player.

    Just nothing! Piece of crapware.

    Seriously, was very disappointed after buying my Lumia 800. My old iPod Touch (1G) managing media better.


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    Thank's for the video but I feel that the process is way to cumbersome.  I should be able to pick any MP3 on my phone and select the portion of the song I want.  That's what consumers want and expect.

    Keep improving my windows phone experience.

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    Doctor Who

    I just watched this today on my Zune HD (yep, got me one of them).  This is great news! I'd rather make my own ringtone, then buy one from someplace else I've never heard of.

    Thank you, Laura, for starting this!

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    Way too complicated for something that has been so simple to do on phones for well over a decade now.
    Why is WP7 programmed this way? For what purpose? Why put more effort into implimenting this feature in this way? What was wrong with picking an MP3 and selecting "set as ringtone"? Nobody ever complained, or had problems with that method of setting a ringtone?

    This is a classic example of trying to "fix" something that simply isnt broken. Microsoft broke it.

    Microsoft need to fix it!

    And while you're at it, give us custom SMS tones!! Come on! That feature has been around as long as custom ringtones, and its currently none exsistant on WP7!!! NO EXCUSE FOR THAT!

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    I agree this is better than nothing. I was surprised that it is not also available for messages and alarms. Should have been easy with code reuse.
    My major concern is that it seems the MS designers are not actually using Windows 7 phones. If they were, the design and features would have been much more suited to actual users.

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    Is there an official place for feedback for the windows phone? The Nokia Lumia 900 is a great piece of hardware, but to be very honest the windows OS needs to change! I feel like these changes arent huge to Microsoft, but they would be huge for its users.

    I also know this is probably, taboo to say...but i feel like it would have done the developers a bit of good to walk around with nothing but an iPhone for at least few months before jumping into a windows version. I thought about returning the phone but i didnt because the lumia 900 hardware is amazing...i also have hope that there will be an Windows OS update soon addressing the issues after listening to the Customers!


    1) I wish that I could take screen shots. There is no way that I am aware of to do this and its one of the most basic and used functions on a smart phone.

    2) I love the large screen of the Lumia 900...but the top banner takes up a large portion of the screen and is non functional. This actually makes the usable view screen smaller than that of the iphone. (not talking about the screen size once i choose something) I would post a screen shot of this, but i cant...

    3) I wish that the scrolling app page would allow me to change the order of appearnce. Its alphabetical and thats that for now.

    Look, i know that you probably did a bunch of studies on the most efficient way to get to something and this was probably the fastest. I would argue though, that in a test environment where one is given a new phone, alpha would always win because it isnt their phone! Regardless though, the beauty of a phone is a users intimate connection and ability to customize and see it the way the THEY want to see it laid out. I dont know Why cant put something like ATT Navigator at the bottom of the list...

    4) I wish i could have the choice to pin a "game app" to its own list on the scrolling screen and not just pin it to my tile. Games apps dump into one app while others may or maynot get a place on the scrolling list. I dont understand why this is so. Just wish i had the choice.

    5) I wish that XBOX Live games had a seperate box than other app games. It feels like im being marketed too all the time.

    I am keeping the faith though. Look forward to your thoughts.

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