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Take a minute out of your day to learn about all the killer new features on your Windows Phone. Trust me, you'll be glad you did Smiley



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The Discussion

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    Great feature, but sadly not available in every country windows phones are sold.

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    Yeah, cool... if you are in the US

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    Hi Laura,

    I already used all my feedback points, so if you can pass this suggestion, that would be great.

    Local Scout is cool, but, I want to see Gas Stations!!!. It is one of the most critical thing I need. Aside from that, maybe hospital and etc, but, I really want to scout Gas Stations. I can use Bing Map and search "Gas Station", but, the result is not that great, it misses a lot of gas stations in the area, which ended up telling me to do a long drive when there is one 2 blocks away. I am living in LA county: California.

    Would be great if you can pass the suggestions for me. Thank you.

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    I was realy excited after I heard of this feature and didn't want to wait for it.

    Well, I'm sitll waiting. Sad

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    Works well in the UK as well.  Sweet feature to have baked in, I use it all the time now.

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    Local scout is a very nice feature. Important note is that you can also "scout" information on any area by going to the mango maps app.

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    I'd happily use it if you made it available in Switzerland.

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    Dennis Lorimor

    Was disapointed that it wasn't on my phone and when I went to the Marketplace to get it, it wasn't free.

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    You may not hear me, but, how do you do that? Thank you.

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    MS - attention to detail is important. A minute is 60 sec, not 63, although a Minute of Mango can be any length MS defines I surpose. This attitude seems to pervade the MS software design and delivery.
    Given that Australia is a country where mango is sold, I presume it will work here. I am having trouble downloading it just now - so I can't confirm or deny. Feature looks good though.

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    about half way down... "To use Local Scout for another area"

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