Windows Phone Minute : Groups

Play Windows Phone Minute : Groups

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     interesting series

    But such (first) service is too short

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    This looks nice, but it does not really work.

    Here is an example that shows why. (Me texting my brothers, David and Nate):

    Me to David and Nate: Can we all meet for lunch tomorrow @ 12:00?

    David responds to everyone: I can do it at 11:30 does that work for everyone?

    Me to David: Sounds good

    Nate to David and Me: Vaccano, can you do that?

    The problem here is that Windows Phone sends responses to group messages as a direct message.  So to keep up a group conversation, I have to constantly switch screens between my Group responses and the individual responses of those I am talking to.

    I hate to say this, but my iPhone could keep a group conversations all in the same screen/thread.

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    @Vaccano: Isn't that what Rooms are for?

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