Windows Phone Minute: Back it on up!

Play Windows Phone Minute: Back it on up!

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    Please don't confuse the viewers, Windows Phone doesn't have multitasking, it has fast app switching which is way different. i.e. you can't have RunKeeper tracking your route in the background while you are using Foursquare. You can't have a sound recorder active while you go use the calculator and so on and so on.

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    @mdonatas: I will clarify. WP does have multi-tasking, just not necessarily FULL multi-tasking. Some apps, like music playing apps, can continue to run in the background. But, most apps will actually be idle in the background, but ready to resume right where I left it when I switch back to it. Apps in the background can still update Live Tiles on the Start Screen, or receive push notifications.

    Holding down the back button opens up access to the multitasking apps. They appear as thumbnails--I can swipe back and forth to see what's running and tap the app I want to open.

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    I think I found an issue (I will not call it bug) and would like
    to report it to Microsoft. (Full of hope to get it fixed somnehow ;) )
    But there seems to be no way to do it.
    On there is no chance to select
    Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) .
    Is there any other way to report it ?

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    I saw the title "back it on up" and I thought sweet I have been wondering how to backup of my WP7 on demand however I was sadly mistaken to find the topic was about using the hardware back button – sad.

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    yap!!! that what I thought

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