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Demo: Nano Server in a Container running IIS & ASP.NET 5

Play Demo: Nano Server in a Container running IIS & ASP.NET 5
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In this demo video, Refaat Issa, Senior Program Manager on the Nano Server team, is joined by Sourabh Shirhatti, a Program Manager, working on ASP.NET, to showcase how a production-quality ASP.NET 5 app runs on IIS, inside a container running from a Nano Server image. The container is running inside a Nano Server IaaS VM in Microsoft Azure.

For further information, make sure you check out the Nano Server documentation, along with specific guidance for running IIS on Nano Server. If you need to know how to deploy Containers on Nano Server, you'll find that info on the MSDN documentation site.

And don't forget, if you're looking for comprehensive training on Nano Server, head on over to the Microsoft Virtual Academy, for a 'Deep Dive into Nano Server'



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The Discussion

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    Robert Kozak

    It would have been really nice if you actually showed how you got IIS installed into the NanoServer container. I haven't seen anything yet that shows how to do this.

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    Hi Robert - thanks for the feedback - i'll pass this on to Refaat, and see if he can capture this in a future video.  Stay tuned!

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    Hi, I put up a prelim doc here:

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    Grahame Horner

    great video/demo can we download the scripts to do this on local hyper-v nanoserver instances?

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    In the video was mentioned that we are using VM hosted in Azure. Is it standard previe sky or some not available  for us image?

    I didn't find windows server nano 2016 with -container included in Azure.

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    I too would like to see an image in Azure for Nano server with container support.  It would be nice if you could just enable the Container package but I don't see anyway to do that from within the server.

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