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Demo: Nano Server in a Container running IIS & ASP.NET 5

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The Discussion

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    Robert Kozak

    It would have been really nice if you actually showed how you got IIS installed into the NanoServer container. I haven't seen anything yet that shows how to do this.

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    Hi Robert - thanks for the feedback - i'll pass this on to Refaat, and see if he can capture this in a future video.  Stay tuned!

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    Hi, I put up a prelim doc here:

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    Grahame Horner

    great video/demo can we download the scripts to do this on local hyper-v nanoserver instances?

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    In the video was mentioned that we are using VM hosted in Azure. Is it standard previe sky or some not available  for us image?

    I didn't find windows server nano 2016 with -container included in Azure.

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    I too would like to see an image in Azure for Nano server with container support.  It would be nice if you could just enable the Container package but I don't see anyway to do that from within the server.

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