Networking Fundamentals: (07) Understanding Wide Area Networks

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    I'm going to add some context because I was very confused on the subject of Autonomous Systems (AS) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). In the video only a single line under IGP states "For very large networks it is necessary to divide the internetworks"...etc which does a poor job of introducing the concept. I was under the impression that an AS was just any network segment behind an outward facing router and BGP was used by said router. 

    In actuality an AS is one segment of a HUGE network, like a segment of an ISP's network, a large government system, or a big company. BGP is something that companies only deal with if they have more than one ISP, or that ISP's themselves deal with. I didn't realize this until I was talking with a friend and he pointed out that that was stuff I probably wouldn't be dealing with directly (prompting me to look it up myself). Hopefully this helps someone out there.

    (Then again I wouldn't be surprised if I was one of the only people with this problem, I tend to get hung up on things other people don't even notice.)

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