Migrating a SharePoint Event Receiver to a Remote Event Receiver

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    Mike Walsh

    Why is this listed as being by Issam Rashid, Keenan Newton when in fact the speaker says he is called Thomas Michelka (where I needed to guess the spelling) ?

    Please somewhere say who the speaker is so we don't need to guess the name and/or spelling of the speaker's name when referring to a web cast.

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    Video was nice  but very short and basic Sad

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    We are trying to go with shorter videos as we have had feedback that they have been too long in the past. If there us a specific area, you would like us to touch on.  Please let us know and we will add it to the list.

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    Why its termed as migration, eventually it turned out to be rewriting as per new app model and reusing the logic/code.

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