Translating Custom Code Workflows to SharePoint 2013

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In this video, we discuss the capabilities of 2013 workflow, and some of its key differences from 2010. We then show how to take your existing 2010 custom code workflows and translate them to 2013, by moving your custom business logic to a web service and leveraging the HttpSend activity to call that web service from within the 2013 workflow





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The Discussion

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    Thank you for a nice introduction.

    However, I thing you skipped a key part – how to authenticate a workflow HttpSend activity in web services.

    Virtually every real-life workflow application will require that the caller is authenticated and, subsequently, authorized in the web service.

    The only solution I can see now is to use https and add to HttpSend activity custom headers with the user name and password, hard-coded into workflow. Enough to authenticate in the web service, but definitely it is not a perfect way for me.

    I believe many developers would appreciate it if someone from SharePoint team discussed this issue.

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