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In today's world of mobile workplaces and ubiquitous connection, the workplace is no longer defined by the confines of an office or the limits of an eight hour workday. The challenge for today's business owners and IT managers is figuring out how to provide the flexible access to corporate resources that users need without sacrificing security, data integrity, or performance. Over the next few months, this series will hope to provide you with step-by-step scenarios that will enable you to efficiently plan for and deploy Windows 8 in your Enterprise.

Windows 8 is ready for business - delivering the power and familiarity you want, along with new ways for people to interact with line of business apps, and support for more mobile devices.

Tune in for episode one of our series as we invite Jane Boulware, General Manager of the US Windows Client team as she discusses with us the unique value Windows 8 offers to businesses.




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The Discussion

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    I do like Windows 8. I can do both work and play. At last, Office on a tablet.

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    I'd suggest breaking this video into 4 parts - about 2 mins each. There is great content here but it needs to be separated.

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    I installed a windows 8 upgrade and it worked fine for two weeks then it screwed up most of the standard apps stopped working. Got online with microsoft for 4 hours and the final solution was to reload windows 7

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    you look dumb Boudreau.

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    Boudreau... Hmmm... This kind of thing has cropped up before and its always been due to human error... Take a stress pill and think things over.

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    they said the same about win 95 when it was first released Enjoy the ride

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    you neeg to look in a mirror to define dumb

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    Not THAT Bob

    Got this email about 'how good win 8 can be' and can't view the video on my android tablet . Perhaps you might consider that those WITHOUT windows might be an audience that you'd like to reach.


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    Windows 8 is world best os ever but microsoft better keep switching mode to start menu way like windows 7 for desktop users....

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    The body language is all wrong, the look of concern and loss to explain Win8's real benefits make this video a poor sell IMHO. I use Win8 every day on a slate and two laptops. It's a great PC OS, plus when you see my five year old 'swipey' flick around the interface and play games on it, the penny drops. It's not the best business platform, Win7 is better, especially the fully integrated desktop search 'with Outlook'. Win8 isn't fully baked yet, it's just a stopgap to curtain BYOD IPads invading the corporate space until MS catch up

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    I absolutely love Windows 8, on my Surface, and my Lenovo X220 Tablet.  

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    @RobA: You clearly don't get it

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    I would grudgingly buy Windows 8 just for ReFS, but alas, no dice. ReFS is THE killer feature, not Metro, nor the app store. Fast boot is nice, but not enough to switch over.

    If you spend 95% or more of your time in desktop mode, then why bother with Win 8? All the desktops and laptops now come with Win8 but I suspect many users will spend the vast majority of their non-tablet, *productive* time in desktop mode (which is required just to multitask!). I also bet all the powerusers will install Start8, which is not a good sign.

    And the biggest downside: Metro apps can ONLY be distributed through the Windows App Store, which also has the most restrictive policies on content by far. Zero developer freedom. Google Play already has much more freer content policies and you can distribute/install Apps outside of the Google's app store--that's real freedom. Ballmer had mentioned actually wanting to be a closed wall-garden like Apple.

    This is where Microsoft is headed, new system APIs and features will *only* be available via Metro, and desktop mode will be relegated to legacy status. They really, really, want you to go through their app store, and do nothing outside of it, and you legally cannot with Metro anyways (save for internal corporate apps). That is the future of Microsoft, and a very bleak one

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    I don;t get it.. How is this any more effective in an Enterprise environment? Home users, I can understand...but if you depend on getting things done for business..I think Windows 7 is still your answer. The reason I feel this way is because I find most people open multiple windows at the same time and switch between them or glance at multiple items on the desktop much more effectively in Windows 7 than Windows 8. I also do not feel that touch has it over Mouse and keyboard in ease of use. I see Windows 8 as a fit for Tablet, Phone and Xbox....but NOT Desktop or Laptop.

    Also...Why is there name calling on this thread? Are we 10 again? If someone has an opinion that is contrary to your own, is it not better to explain in a civil way your reasons for disagreeing with their point of view?  "You look dumb" or "You don;t get it" does not tell us why, or give any reason for your arguments.

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