(Episode 3) Windows 8: The No Compromise Business Device

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As the general public is just now getting to experience Windows 8, many businesses are wondering if this operating system is really worth replacing Windows 7 with. In today’s episode, Technical Evangelist Kevin Remde and Sr. Product Manager on the Windows Commercial Team, Stephen Rose hope to help answer that question as well as dispel some common myths that you may have concerning Windows 8 and the new kinds of devices and form factors it is available on.

  • [2:27] New User Interface Concerns
  • [5:15] What about the Start button?
  • [8:45] Will my Windows 7 applications work on  Windows 8?
  • [11:24] Surface / Windows RT and Surface Pro --- what’s the difference?
  • [17:26] Why is a Windows 8 tablet a better choice for businesses than an iPad or Android-based tablet?

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The Discussion

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    muhammad arifin

    very good....

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    hussain riaz


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    Is there a way to disable metro for Win 8 Pro? This would make it much more suitable for the business world.

    On a productivity desktop, there is no need for fullscreen-only "apps" or a start menu replacement that blocks your entire desktop and has horizontal scrolling.

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    I'm impressed with the security advances under the hood, but the UI, and moreover the Microsoft-contrived removal of the classic UI as an option, makes Win8 a very difficult sell to management. Microsoft had better wake up and smell the coffee; it's time for a Classic UI option from Microsoft themselves, not just 15 third-party vendors.

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