(Episode 4) Windows 8: New Possibilities in Mobile Productivity

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In today’s episode, Technical Evangelist Kevin Remde and Sr. Product Manager on the Windows Commercial Team, Stephen Rose discuss a number of new and very beneficial capabilities in Windows 8 that provide amazing productivity while we’re mobile.

Microsoft knows, because you’ve told us, that giving your workforce the ability to be productive from anywhere – truly productive mobility – is high on your list of priorities.  Today’s show will try to help provide insight into the importance of a well managed mobile platform as well as describe some of the capabilities found within Windows 8, such as DirectAccess, Mobile Broadband, BrancheCache and Windows to Go that can help empower your business and workforce.

  • [2:15] Why is a well managed mobile platform so important for IT and businesses?
  • [4:22] Which features in a Windows 8 device can help?
  • [10:42] What is Windows to Go?
  • [15:02] What are some scenarios that might make Windows to Go useful for businesses?
  • [19:06] Why not just copy Windows 8 onto a USB stick? Isn’t that the same thing?!?
  • [20:19] In this BYOD using Windows 8 scenario, how can users access their files or company data?

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