(Episode 5) Windows 8: Enhanced End-to-End Security

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In today’s episode, Technical Evangelist Kevin Remde and Sr. Product Manager on the Windows Commercial Team, Stephen Rose discuss a number of new security enhancements and features such as Bitlocker and BiitLocker-to-Go, MBAM, Secure Boot and File History found in Windows 8.

  • [2:22] How are Windows 8 based devices protected against malware?
  • [8:20] How has Bitlocker been improved in Windows 8?
  • [14:11] What happens when my hard drive crashes or if I delete some important files? What new options do I have in Windows 8 to save my data?
  • [19:34] What about Network Security?
  • [22:43] Is Active Directory and Group Policy still available in Windows 8?
  • [25:34] What about Applications? How do I ensure these are secure?
  • [31:04] Is Windows-to-Go secure? What happens to my data if l lose my USB stick?

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