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Hello, and welcome to the SAIIK!  That's short for "SQL Server on Azure IaaS Implementation Kit"

Brian Hitney, Keith Mayer, Bart Czernicki, and Peter Laudati are Technical Architects on the Developer Experience group here at Microsoft. They work with ISVs, helping them build cloud solutions with Microsoft Azure.

This video is the second in a series that helps explain how to implement SQL Server in Azure. It's a little more complicated then clicking Setup.exe and grabbing a cup of coffee. But not so hard that it should take a rocket scientist to figure it out!  We've put this series of videos together, based on our experiences with ISVs, to try and break it up and make it easy to learn.

SAIIK Part 1: PaaS vs IaaS - Navigating the Decision Tree: Azure SQL Database vs SQL Server in a VM

There are multiple options for hosting relational databases in Azure. A common challenge we come across frequently is helping ISVs to understand all of the options and sorting out which is right for their scenario. This first video address that challenge by helping you to navigate the decision tree between PaaS (Platform as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). Specifically, When deciding what type of database to use in Azure.

SAIIK Part 2: High Availability with SQL Server in Azure 

Much of the complexity of running SQL Server in Azure comes from the need to implement High Availability and Disaster Recovery. In this video, we cover what HA & DR are, and introduce SQL Server Always On Availability Groups as the HADR solution for Azure. 

SAIIK Part 3: How To Implement HA with SQL Server in Azure

In this video, it's time for the rubber to meet the road. The US Developer Experience ISV team collaborated with the SQL Server product team to produce an Azure ARM template that makes it easy to get going! Learn about how and what the template does, and implement your SQL HA environment in the cloud!

ARM Template in the Azure Marketplace

ARM Template on GitHub

Topics being considered to extend the series...

SAIIK Part 4: Optimizing SQL Server in Azure

SAIIK Part 5: Migrating your data to SQL Server in Azure 

SAIIK Part 6: Disaster Recovery with SQL Server in Azure 

SAIIK Part 7: Managing SQL Server in Azure



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