SQL Azure Data Sync - An Overview

Play SQL Azure Data Sync - An Overview

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    Luke Jeffrey

    Hi Mark,

    We are a Gold Certified Mobility partner in the UK.......need a little help in transitioning from SQL Server 2008 Merge Replication for Mobile devices.

    1. If I need to sync SQL Azure to a WP7 device what should I use oData + Sync? Or wait for the Azure DataSync RTW, and when is RTW anticipated?
    2. Is the Sync Framework being stopped (v4.0 CTP was released in October)?
    3. Will Azure DataSync suppot multiple mobile platforms?

    All help gratefully received !
    Thanks - Luke

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    Hi Luke

    Currently your only option is to use the source code toolkit we released for Sync Framework V4 CTP - see https://blogs.msdn.com/b/sync/archive/2011/09/10/sync-framework-toolkit-now-available-for-download.aspx

    SQL Azure Data Sync does not currently support the mobile scenarios.  The current preview and the GA version focuses on link on-premises SQL Server with SQL Azure, as well as syncing multiple SQL Azure databases.  To work with SQL Server we require the download of a small Windows service which only works with SQL Server.

    Having said that, mobile scenarios are definitely still of interest to us.  Can you email me and I'll follow-up with you directly to get more information about your scenarios - mark.scurrell at microsoft dot com

    Regards, Mark

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    Thank you for the Data SYNC webcast series

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    Luke Jeffrey

    Hi Mark,

    I've dropped you over an email as requested.



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