SQL Azure Data Sync- Synchronize Data across On-Premise and Cloud (E2C)

Play SQL Azure Data Sync- Synchronize Data across On-Premise and Cloud (E2C)

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    Lars Kemmann

    SQL Azure Data Sync is a great tool; even though it's only at a CTP stage, the experience is already quite polished and it's a pleasure to use.  I've used it to export a database (schema and all) from an Azure subscription to my local machine; I needed to take my services offline for a longer period of time and had to create a full backup.  (Perhaps this wasn't the ideal way to do that.  But it was fun! Smiley)

    On that note, it would be nice if Windows/SQL Azure subscriptions would support "deactivating" a service or database, respectively.  I would like to be able to store these things (perhaps in my Azure storage account) with the ability to bring them back online at a later date.  (Added to the linked UserVoice site: Allow taking a database offline to prevent charges to my account. (http://uservoice.com/a/jFr6r))

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    Thanks for that

    i try the tool and it is very cool... Smiley

    but we need more logs then we have

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    @Lars Kemmann:Thanks Lars for putting your vote for this feature. This is great input for our roadmap.

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    @Pini: Thanks Pini. We will enhance the logs in future releases.

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    I got error in Azure data Sync
    I have configure On premise to Azure data sync before ten days and working fine .
    But last six hours below error occurs .

    UNABLE TO APPLY A row that exceeds the maximum application transaction size for table Please increase the transaction size to be greater than the largest row

    How to Increase transaction size for table ?

    Thanks & Regards,

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