Synchronize Data from Cloud to Cloud (C2C) using SQL Azure Data Sync

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About the Video:

This is third in the series of webcasts covering the SQL Azure Data Sync service. In this demo heavy webcast, Sudhesh covers the details of how SQL Azure Data Sync can be used for Cloud to Cloud database sync (C2C scenarios)- cloud databases within the same data center or cloud databases distributed across different data centers. These are very handy scenarios when you want to separate your transactional load from reporting loads, or get data closer to the geography of your users, or distribute your user load by scaling out to multiple databases, and so on.

This video will also touch upon the concepts of how SQL Azure Reporting can be used in combination with Data Sync and how you can use filtering feature of Data Sync to synchronize only part of data from one geography to another (lets say from US to Europe).  

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