Storage Replica - Server/Server Complete Walkthrough

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This first post in the Storage Replica Series shows a complete end-to-end walkthrough of configuring and managing Storage Replica in a Server to Server (S/S) configuration.

TechNet page to step by step directions:



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The Discussion

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    Alan Chan

    1) Is the storage come from local HDD?
    2) How you add those local storage into cluster?
    3) Is possible I deploy storage replica in TP4 with TP3?

    Hope you can reply me asap. Thanks.

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    How is this different to dfsr like replication ?
    Block level rather than file level.
    How does it work in-depth ?ie some bitmap of changed blocks

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    @Alan Chan:Thanks for your comments.  Any storage can be used for Storage Replica in the Server/Server configuration.  Only cluster-eligible storage would qualify for the cluster scenarios.  SR is supported in both TP3 and TP4. Hope this helps!

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    @anon:Thanks for your question.  Yes, Storage Replica works at the block level rather than file level like DFSR.  Hope this helps!

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    Great walk through, I'm studying for the MCSA and this cleared up the fog I had on this subject.

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