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Daniel Robbins, Melissa Quintanilha, and Kevin Decker are three Microsoft employees who are building a submarine conning tower that they will drive across country to the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock desert of Nevada. UX designer by day, Melissa researched organic designs of small spaces as well as a good amount of research into the designs of underwater vehicles. While this land submarine cuts through the desert of Nevada, the interior will provide a calming experience along with an inviting massage table. Materials for this build come from a variety of places including pieces that were recycled from the old Microsoft Visitor's Center in Building 127.

If you're lucky enough to be one of the attendees of the sold-out Burning Man 2011, be sure to check this one out.



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The Discussion

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    For updates on the SpaMarine project, please visit the SpaMarine project page on Facebook and hit the "Like" button.

    Now that we are in the final countdown, we are also looking for people in the Seattle area to help out with a few subsystems (think lighting and other electrical systems). Please contact me via the Facebook page if you want to help out.

    If you are attending Burning Man 2011, the SpaMarine will be based with the Playa Name Help ("Namers at Rest") theme camp, camping at 4:30 and "Graduation."

    I'd like to also give a shout out and thanks to the following additional people (and I apologize in advance for omitting anyone):

    • Stefanie Hader Robbins
    • Kevin Decker
    • Bob Anderton
    • Carie Schooley
    • Donna Lew
    • Igor Peev
    • Kandyce Crandall
    • Kit Newman
    • Mark Aiken
    • Mike Sinclair
    • Nicole Kistler
    • Rahul Bhardwaj
    • Joel Magalnick
    • Pat Burnett
    • Laura Marie MacPherson
    • Larry Larsen
    • Michael O'Neill
    • Shaun Harris
    • Tom Blank 
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    nice van. you need to sell icecream out of it!

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    Pictures from the event are now up! See the SpaMarine in all it's complete glory:


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