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Juan Goni is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft in the Exchange Online Deployment group and invited us over to take a look at his home setup. Juan has some of the same challenges many of us do, for starters he's got a bunch of machines and one set of speakers, here he uses a mixing board to control the audio from each. Juan also controls lighting through his PC and uses Media Center and extenders throughout his house to distribute video and music.





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The Discussion

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    Pretty impressive setup I must say Smiley

    and noticed that Juan has the same glasses as Mike Swanson Wink

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    There's probably some sort of Microsoft discount for these glasses... I'm seeing them, in various forms, appear all over campus.


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    Mayby MSFT is getting into glasses making business and they are some beta product for augmented reality Wink

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    Very neat "Sala de Servidores"! How about posting the specs? ...mmm... that would be a huge list of hardware, eh? But the best idea was to get rid of wifi and have all stuff wired together, that brings speed! Anyway, I bet there are some wifi around to plug in a laptop or a cell phone. Great setup! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks Guys, i was not aware of any discount for cool glases around campus....

    yes i do have a wifi service at home....

    i will post the "sala de servidores" espects later...


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    Great show - some very slick setups. I want to tackle running CAT5 through the walls and getting everything connected. Thanks for sharing Juan.

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    Can somebody tell me the address of the company that provide solutions to control the home lights?

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    Miguel Mateo

    Check, they have tons of solutions for home automation and security.  There are other providers as well, but they are quite expensive.

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    Impresionante... se nota que hay tiempo y pensamiento invertido....y bien bonita la casa. No habia visto ninguna imagen.

    Y los anteojos son Alain Mikli?


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    The Rocky Boat

    I really love the Show us your tech show, please keep it coming, Thanks for sharing Juan !

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    I agree. I'm preparing full runs of Cat6 surrounding my house. Even Wireless N is too slow and unreliable.

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    so when you will show  us your tech



    i really enjoy this show



    thank you very much


    but i bet people like those are defenitaly IT guys and not developer guys like us

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    Loved this Channel 9 Cribs edition although I couldn't help wondering how many planet Earths would be needed to sustain a world of Juans.

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    Did he say 64-bit?

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    Yes he did, he also said whs is based on win2k


    I  think he was just very nervous, I got that impression from the video

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    Right at the beginning when he showed the photo frames I thought "why does he have a photo of Mike Swanson" so you're not the only one who noticed Smiley

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    Very impressive. I really like the idea of dedicated machines. However, how does that affect your power consumption? Wouldn't it be easier to combine the tasks of the multiple PC's using better hardware? 


    Great setup! 

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    Very cool!  I'm about 5% what he's done.  I'm surprised that he's not consolidated systems using virtualization.

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    Wow, this looks like a very nice setup Smiley

    Especially I like the management of the lights. This is sth. I've planned for the future.

    I've never tested "home server", but I always thought it is not much different from the Windows Server product.

    Looks like I'm wrong in that point.


    What kind of hardware do you use to run "home server" on?






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    Great setup!


    Could not get who sells the Xbox adapter at ebay though... (the one that let`s you connect the Xbox in the sala de servidores to both kitchen and tv room)


    Does it have HDMI or audio/video? Does it also extend the remote control receiver?

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    What's the brand of the XBox connector device? I heard something like "Avmed LAB" but can't find anything on that yet. ...




    -= Maarten =-

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    Although the foundation is on Windows Server 2003 the product is nothing like the server. Your granny can work with it, it has a simplified interface (console) where you can manage your home pc's to backup and store all of your digital assets  with the option to duplicate the files on the same server for safety reasons. (if one breaks you always have the other to your avail).


    The hardware reqs are not even that high, there are Atom editions with only 2Gb but personally I like it to have a little more power. But if you have a spare low end machine that might be sufficient to work on.


    Check it out, you'll be surprised how easy it works!


    -= Maarten =-

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