Lab 1 - Exercise 2 - Migrating a Windows Forms Application to Silverlight

Play Lab 1 - Exercise 2 - Migrating a Windows Forms Application to Silverlight

The Discussion

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    I appreciate what you are "trying" to present, but something that irks me is when someone presenting says "I wouldn't do this in a real application, but...". Why present anything then? There is nothing worse when trying to learn something than hearing "Do as I say, not as I do." How can one do as they say as they've never seen it? The presentation now becomes only entertainment (means dismissive) as you have to look elsewhere for "real" informative material.

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    N2Cheval - Fair point, thanks for the feedback. I think the challenge is that when training from the ground up you have to start somewhere. We find that people can get overwhelmed if you start with a completely 100% real world sample sice there are so many parts to learn that are intermingled. Thus, we generaly start at the beginning points and build up. In this series, we do  move beyond the basics quickly beyond this lab.


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