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Silverlight Firestarter 2010 Session 1 - Data Binding Strategies with Silverlight and WP7

47 minutes, 22 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Silverlight Firestarter 2010 Session 1 - Data Binding Strategies with Silverlight and WP7 by Jesse Liberty

Download the slides and code here.

Recorded live as part of Silverlight Firestarter 2010 in Redmond, WA on Dec 2nd 2010

Silverlight Firestarter Agenda
- Silverlight Firestarter 2010 Keynote with Scott Guthrie
- Session 1 - Data Binding Strategies with Silverlight and WP7 by Jesse Liberty
- Session 2 - Building Compelling Apps with WCF using REST and LINQ by Yavor Georgiev
- Session 3 - Building Feature Rich Business Apps Today with RIA Services by Dan Wahlin
- Session 4 - MVVM: Why and How? Tips and Patterns using MVVM and Service Patterns with Silverlight and WP7 by John Papa
- Session 5 - Tips and Tricks for a Great Installation Experience by Tim Heuer
- Session 6 - Tune Your Application: Profiling and Performance Tips by Mike Cook & Jossef Goldberg
- Session 7 - Performance Tips for Silverlight Windows Phone 7 by Jaime Rodriguez
- Session 8 - The Roadmap for Media with Silverlight


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  • This download is not working!! Neither the stream or the wmv download!

  • Ok ... It took a long while, but I finally was able to download this talk

  • JJ

    The volume in the recorded video is very low (I tried the High Quality wmv). It would be great if you could re-encode the video with higher volume level.
    @ Jesse Liberty: This was one of the finest presentations I've seen. You made something as dry as Databinding very informative and interesting, and providing the context between code binding and declarative binding was exceptional. Thank you much!

  • ClaudioClaudio

    Thanks for the excellent talk. I really enjoyed the way you started from code to data binding.
    I would like to watch the video again but following with the source code from scratch.
    Where can I download the source code? I have tried your blog but it is not there.

  • John Papajopapa Evangelist on the Loose

    @Claudio: We'll be posting the code and slides from the presentations next week. Thanks

  • John Papajopapa Evangelist on the Loose

    @J: We are aware of the video problems with Jesse's talk and are working on a fix. Thanks for your patience.

  • ClaudioClaudio

    @jopapa:Thanks John

  • Jesse LibertyJesseLiberty Jesse Liberty


    Thanks for posting this and for staying on top of the video problem (any chance we can use a different image??)   And thanks most of all for your incredible (and i mean the word literally) effort in putting together Firestarter -- it was a blast.

  • John Papajopapa Evangelist on the Loose

    Everyone: Jesse' video now should work for you! If not, please CTRL-F5 first (I had to)

    @SilverlightGeek: No problem Jesse.Your video now works and now that it does, I will grab a new image for yours, like I did for the others Smiley

    BTW - Thanks for the callout in your talk Jesse. Even if it was to yell at me! Wink

  • RossRoss

    I'm still getting a media failure.

  • Jesse LibertyJesseLiberty Jesse Liberty


    I apologize for the continued media failure -- the media folks are working hard to fix it. For now, please consider downloading the .wmv file and watching it locally.  Should be fixed RSN   Blushing

  • Brilliant presentation.  Both presenter and material.  Very well done Jesse.  Coming from someone that's new to SL and trying to learn it, the presentation was informative, instructive and entertaining.

    Thank you MS for putting this together and thank you Jesse for dropping the knowledge.

  • VolkerVolker

    Great stuff and done even better!!
    Thanks for posting

  • As always, 

    excellent stuff, spcially I like the way you started saying about most sessions of Data Binding which works really fine with the given presentation, but when dealing with true application development it is not that easy.

    Thanks again for nice presentation

  • Noyman Avilanead23 Nead23

    Really good presentation. You should consider making a video series with this teaching style that explores every aspect of Silverlight in more depth. 

  • usama wahab khanusama wahab khan

    good presentation

  • LearncoreLearncore

    Codec Error while try to playing video

  • This was a fantastic session. Great examples of data binding, taken to the next level. I LOVE how you started with the code and slowly stripped it out.

    Also, body parts being sucked into a window is the best metahpor for data binding I've heard yet.

    Well done. I'm really sorry I missed it in person. Stupid deadlines.

  • hezleyhezley

    Download the slides and code here.

  • JosiweJosiwe

    Hi! Fantastic video, very informative for a professional developer coming into Silverlight for the first time.
    I did have one question about the material; have I understood correctly that INotifyPropertyChanged was required for the declarative binding between the textblock and the slider to function? In other words, had that interface not been implemented, am I correct in understanding that moving the slide would not have updated the textbox?

  • zoroastro pereira da silvazoroastro pereira da silva

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