Silverlight Firestarter

Silverlight Firestarter 2010 Session 3 - Building Feature Rich Business Apps Today with RIA Services

The Discussion

  • zzzz

    Strange, this is probably one of the most important sessions (after ScottGu talking about the future and announcing next release) and yet, it didn't received no comments yet?!

    Dan, Great Job! Thank you very much for bridging the gap between the LOB world and Silverlight.

  • Dan

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and glad you enjoyed the session. Hope the "zzzz" name you chose doesn't relate to the content of the session. :-)

  • Vladimir

    I like it. Very good and easy explained. Thanks.

  • Claudio

    Hi Dan,
    I am watching your presentation right now and would to say it is brillant. Thanks for helping us to understand better about WCF Ria

  • Dan Wahlin

    Happy to hear you found it useful Claudio! Appreciate you taking the time to comment on it. Dan

  • Sutikshan Dubey

    Thanks Dan. This has given me very good start. going to download SP1 now.

  • dwahlin

    Sutikshan: Thanks for making the time to watch it and best of luck with your development. I appreciate your comments.

  • Claudio

    Hi Dan,
     Could you please explain to us how you separated all your projects into differenct assemblies?
     What project type did you use for the Web Service and the EF and so on.
     Also, how did you link all the projects?

  • EzaBlade

    Great presentation but I wonder if you could help steer me. I need to write an application to offer interoperability to our customer for which I was going to use WCF services. However, this functionality is not required imminently and is dependant on their own development progress. In the meantime I will use the same method calls for internal applications.

    I really like the look of RIA Services but if I wrote my internal applications with RIA Services could I then offer the interoperability that I require. For example, in your demo presume that you want to expose the GetBooks method to a customer who wishes to write their own application to fetch the data. How easy would it be?

    I hope I am making sense!

  • dwahlin


    All of the projects shown in this particular talk were created by using the standard Silverlight Business Application template. From there I added the Entity Framework model and other code. It sounds like you may be referring to one of the labs we created though since some of them have a WCF service project and an EF model in a separate project. Someone else asked about that as well at and here was my response:

    The Web Service lab was created using the WCF Service Application template in Visual Studio since it was originally used with the Windows Forms and ASP.NET applications shown in Labs 1 and 2. With Silverlight you can go that route or use the Silverlight-enabled WCF Service template shown in the WCF lab. The Silverlight-enabled service automatically adds in binary formatting for you which provides even better performance (see the WCF lab for details on that). The Model (EF) project was created using the Class Library template. 

    To reference the project assemblies you can right-click on the project that needs the assembly, select Add Reference and then select the Project tab. It'll show all the projects available to reference and let you select one or more of them as needed.



  • dwahlin

    EzaBlade: That would be possible since WCF RIA Services exposes a WCF .svc file under the covers that could be called by other clients. Whether you want to use that is up to you though. If you break out your code into a separate class (as I mention in the talk) then it would be pretty trivial to expose a separate WCF service that still leverages the same code base ultimately if you wanted to secure things differently. 

    So, the short answer is, you could potentially use the .svc file exposed by WCF RIA Services or just create a separate WCF service. Your call on that though. Smiley


  • SlamminSammy

    very good presentation.  I have been working with RIA services and the business templates for well over a year now and was familiar with most of what was discussed.  Looking forward to checking out the DomainCollectionView and trying to create a service repository for my existing domain service. thanks for your work!

  • EzaBlade

    @dwahlin: Thanks for your reply, really appreciate it.

  • dwahlin

    Thanks SlamminSammy....appreciate it.

  • nead23

    Good presentation. I've been studying the ins and outs of WCF Ria Services for the past week. Dan, I think you should make other videos about the features you touched upon such as managing users roles, authentication, and profiles. Thanks!

  • Sanil

    Good Presentation . My Question is Accounting Application. I have A save & post buttons in my sales Invoice . My issue is When i save I will call submitt chage Service to update Sale Header & detail Table. when I click post I want to Update Inventory table for Stock Update from this Sale Detail table & Accounts Tables for Sales & Customer tbl. I'm stuck In post click event How can i do this ? Pls help

  • dwahlin

    nead23: Glad you enjoyed the presentation. I'd definitely like to make some more videos on the topics you mention....I'll see what I can get done there in the future. Smiley

  • Joffies

    Good session. Have one question though. What is the best approach to update the Domain Service if the underlying model has changed?

    Say for example I have added my own query methods but forgot to tick the Edit option next to the entities listed in the wizard.

  • Rajesh

    Can you please make code available via different link? The link above is blocked per our firm policies.

  • Shimi Weitzhandler

    Great Job Dan!

  • zzzz

    HI Dan,

    Can you please brief on how Entity Framework works together with built in authentication using RIA? Meaning that you have TWO databases, one based on EF, another from business template. Your table called "members" and aspnet.db has the same named table with little bit different contens.

    I could not find any relationships, more so, not even when you are editing your members table. On the other hand, your table is filled with people but default one (aspnetdb.users) has just one line ... 

    What is the relationship and how it works, please? Thanks in advance!


  • OscarAgreda

    Hey Dan,

    after 12 months trying to master Silverlight, XAML, MvvM and Ria services. now that i get it now, I see your video and I said:

    if I had only seen Dan explanation 12 months ago, many frustrations would have been eliminated.

    Thank you Dan,

    some people are born to develop and some other are born to teach.

    you have both

    Microsoft should have you explain SL5 and MvvM.. then everybody will get it really fast

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