Silverlight Firestarter 2010 Session 6 - Tune Your Application: Profiling and Performance Tips

Play Silverlight Firestarter 2010 Session 6 - Tune Your Application: Profiling and Performance Tips

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    Great presentation!  I found the information to be quite useful/practical.  Thank you! :0)

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    Alan Cobb

    Material in presentation seems good, but...
    There seem to be lots of distracting, minor glitches in the audio and video (maybe encoding problems?).  Audio will seem to drop out for a split second or video will jump.  These problems are present in both the 772MB and 355MB versions of the downloadable WMV.  I haven't downloaded any of the other sessions yet, but perhaps they have these kind of issues also?  I'm getting these problems on a high-end, i7 laptop, so this can't be a hardware performance issue.

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    Mp4 content doesn't stream on iPad and not possible to download either...

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    @Martin: Thanks for the feedback. Please try the mp4 again. i was just able to download it and play it.


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    Greg Farquhar

    Really marvellous presentation

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    I've been trying to get profiling to work on a Silverlight project for over a year (off and on). It has never worked and I've followed some pretty obscure and rediculous instructions trying all kinds of things in the past. I thought this video was finally a simple solution to getting some profiling info on my app. Of course, it turns out not to work. I'm not sure what I have set differently because it isn't shown in the video. I get no info on my app so I downloaded the sample code and placed it in the same directory as is demoed by Mike Cook. I typed everything EXACTLY as Mike typed it except I used "Program Files (x86)" because if I used the 64bit version of IE the profiler says profiling of 64bit apps is not supported. When Mike opens the vsp it shows 669 samples at 34:12 in the video. When I open it it shows 0 samples and says "No Call Tree Data Is Available". If I click "show All Code" it says there are 9 total samples but the only items that show up are things like ntdll.dll. Can someone at Microsoft please show a real example of getting performance info on a Silverlight app and ALL the steps necessary to get this: like starting windbg and running some obscure commands to load whatever is required, etc.?

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    @Jeff: Hi Jeff, one thing I mistakenly failed to mention during my demo was that I had a registry key set to force Internet Explorer to run in a single process (instead of spawning new processes for new tabs).  The key is explained on the IE blog here, by setting the 'TabProcGrowth' key to 0 you can force IE to run in a single process.  Without this key set you can't garuntuee that you're actually profiling the process the Silverlight is running within.  Please give this a try while, as you mentioned, profiling Silverlight inside of 32-bit IE.  If you have more trouble, post a new thread on the Silverlight Performance Forum and we can discuss.  Sorry that you're having issues!

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